5 Favourite Eevee Eeveelutions If I Was Eros Was In A Pokémon Game

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i was Eros is an alternative pop artist from Brisbane. i was Eros is an alternative pop artist from Brisbane.

A young, emerging alt-pop artist with a fascination for words and creating music with a 'witch-house horror' aesthetic, i was Eros latest single is titled 'Jump In My Grave With Me'.

The Brisbane-based artist has also found himself exploring lyrical ideas that move away from autobiographical and into the land of fiction; 'Jump In My Grave With Me' is about a vampire feeding on people to survive.

"'Jump In My Grave With Me' is about someone who uses romance to cope with deeper issues," i was Eros says.

"The extended metaphor I used to express this, was a vampire who was feeding on people to survive.

"I felt like I was recapturing a sound that inspired my third single 'Follower', which was when I began exploring my music's horror aesthetic and resonating with it."

With a focus to release more singles in 2021, here i was Eros indulges his love of Pokémon and Eevee eeveelutions.

"Being an Eevee has two important qualities; being undeniably cute and having the ability to go 8 different directions. But how am I gonna decide?!"

5: Eevee

Starting with my fifth preference, flat out not evolving. She's down to earth, absolutely adorable and so floofy-looking! I mean if 'Let's go Eevee' can pull it off, so can I!

4: Vaporeon

I feel like many of us have reached a point where we decide the mermaid life is the one for us. Vaporeon has always been my favourite of the original Eevee evolutions; so majestic! She's poised, graceful and probably knows a bunch of celebrities.

3: Espeon

Do I need to say anything more than she's a psychic cat? Fine okay; she's got some ice on her (her cute gem on her forehead), looks like a good listener, and can THROW YOU AT A WALL WITH HER MIND!

2: Sylveon

I have two main aesthetics and one of them is pastel-cute thing, so how could I pass the chance to be this cutie? She's legit a fairy! I'd love to prance around all day with a bow on my head!

1: Umbreon

I like to think my other aesthetic is e-girl and who would be better for that than Umbreon!? An absolute baddie! Definitely my favourite Eeevee evolution and comes in at my first preference.



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