5 Favourite Easy-To-Cook Dinners Shared By There's A Tuesday

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There's A Tuesday's new single is titled 'Baby Blue'. There's A Tuesday's new single is titled 'Baby Blue'.

Recently in Sydney to support BENEE, New Zealand indie pop quartet There's A Tuesday's current single is the ethereally beautiful 'Baby Blue', a song that explores anxieties arising from romantic relationships and meeting expectations.

Led by the alternating frontwomen Natalie Hutton and Minnie Robberds alongside Angus Murray and Joel Becker on drums and guitar respectively, There's A Tuesday hail from Christchurch.

"'Baby Blue' is a song that explores a relationship and the anxieties within it," the band says.

"We find these feelings can be so hard to navigate within oneself and with someone else in the picture, even harder.

"It begins soft and closes with impact, this movement aims to encapsulate the chaos and confusion within the lyrics."

'Baby Blue' is the group's first new music since their 2020 debut album 'Dance With Me Before We Cry' that features their previous singles 'Amsterdam' and 'FOMO'.

"Our favourite shots of the ['Baby Blue'] video are those where Minnie's head is underwater.

"To get this footage Nat and Minnie put on wetsuits and plunged themselves into a paddling pool of tap water. Minnie is a surfer, so she is pretty immune to cold water temperatures but Nat is ah, not so much.

"Nat actually ended up getting hypothermia so had to evacuate the paddling pool hahaha. Pale and shaking, she ate a raspberry bun in the corner of the room while she came back to her normal self.

"This is why there are no clips of her hahaha. Looking back maybe we could have organised to use water of a warmer temperature. Hindsight eh."

Here, the group share five easy to prepare and cook meals perfect for those on a budget.

1: Chickpea Korma

One of the fastest dishes to make with no stress involved! Chuck veggies in a pan, add korma paste, a can of coconut milk, however many chickpeas you want and you're away. Let it simmer and serve with rice.

2: Chicken on rice

Again, super fast to make and great for lunch the next day. Fry some diced chicken in soy sauce, sweet chilli, fish sauce, and your seasoning of choice.

Serve with rice and lightly boiled broccoli (garnish with toasted sesame seeds if you're feeling fancy).

3: Pesto pasta

This one would have to be my personal favourite. With minimal effort and impossible to get wrong, you'll be eating in no time.

While the pasta is on a boil, cook some chicken if you want and prep some veggies. Add all ingredients into a mixing bowl with a cup or so of pesto. Mix then eat.

4: Rice risotto

If you don't feel like cooking simply get a packet of rice risotto, read the instructions and cook. Add spinach and any leftover veggies for extra nutrients.

5: Pizzas

A fun flat meal for all to get involved. Buy a packet of wraps to use as your pizza base. It's totally up to you what you'd like on your pizza, but I tend to go for chicken and cranberry with spinach. Be creative and have fun with it, you might come up with some bangers.



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