5 Favourite Drink-Brisbane Music Venue Combos Shared By The Steele Syndicate

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The Steele Syndicate's newest single is titled 'One Beer (Is Never Enough)'. The Steele Syndicate's newest single is titled 'One Beer (Is Never Enough)'.

Brisbane's brassy funk, rollicking rock groove gods The Steele Syndicate are amping up the release of their debut album (that's due in October) by sharing another sonic nugget of goodness in the form of 'One Beer (Is Never Enough)'.

An anthem for punters who enjoy the tactile feels of seeing live music in the flesh with their hands clasping a cold beer, the song also provides a few LOLs with the cheeky lyrics: "A box of goon is too much for me." Or "5 shots will f... you up!"

Festival regulars who've treaded the boards at Woodford Folk Festival, Caloundra Music Festival and Summer Sounds, the octet boasts a four-piece horn section, and rhythm section to match – and will get a crowd on their feet in no time.

"'One Beer' was born in the studio, the lead hook emerging from a chant over some end of the day drinks," the band says.

"The song just got bigger and bigger. Horns, guitar solos and call and response vocals made it an instant crowd favourite.

"[It's] a song for those who don't believe in having too much of a good thing – until they do."

Given the song's epic party vibes, here The Steel Syndicate share their favourite 'adult beverages' paired to some of Brisbane's best live music venues.

Whiskey Apple at Lefty's Music Hall

Underwear hangs from the deer heads as we hang off the end of the bar at Lefty's, asking the bartender to slide down a couple of its delicious and famous Whisky Apples like a saloonkeeper sending down shots to a dusty cowboy.

We love Lefty's for its sumptuous spaces and open stage – and their support for live music! Under the chandeliers listening to funky tunes is a perfect time to have a taste of the Old West; and listen to our new song, 'One Beer (Is Never Enough)'.

Rum and coke at Ric's Bar + Backyard

We've all been there. Nestled in the comfortable sanctity of youth, fresh-faced and eager to make an impact. Like many Brisbane bands, we cut our teeth at gigs in the Backyard.

Have a sip of the potent mixture of rum and coke, and flashback to your 18-year-old self, when the air was clean, the shoes were cheap, and Wednesday night was a perfectly appropriate time to hit the town, and/ or listen to our new song, 'One Beer (Is Never Enough)'.

Espresso martini at Doo-Bop

You like jazz? We do. Sip gracefully from an espresso martini and let the caffeine propel you into a late night of slow jazz performed by some of the best. A feast for the sense and the tastebuds.

While admittedly this saucy venue is unlikely to feature The Steele Syndicate's raucous banger 'One Beer (Is Never Enough)', perhaps if you and I are lucky we might see a graceful jazz rendition of this pub-rock hit performed by some of the regulars.

Ben's Burgers milkshake between sets at The Zoo

Cleaner fish and sharks. Bees and flowers. Midichlorians and Jedi. No example of symbiosis in nature is so profound as the unbreakable bond between Ben's Burgers and Brisbane's big backdrop to brass band business, The Zoo.

For The Steele Syndicate, a gig at The Zoo is always a great night thanks to the love poured into the venue by its indelible ownership and booking team.

And between sets you will always see frontman Steele McMahon gliding down the back stairs to feast on a milkshake from Ben's Burgers like an ultramarathon runner gulping down Powerade; or like a person drinking in the liquid music of our new song, 'One Beer (Is Never Enough)'.

A beer at any venue

We like music. We like beers. We like to combine them, and so should you. We are grateful to be able to share our music at Brisbane's best local venues, and the best way to support the music scene is to come along to a show and treat yourself to a beverage. And of course, listen to 'One Beer (Is Never Enough)'.

From The Steele Syndicate, we say – drink responsibly.

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