5 Favourite Custard Pastries To Indulge When In Sydney Shared By Miss Marie

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Miss Marie is an indie electronic artist from Sydney. Miss Marie is an indie electronic artist from Sydney.

An indie electronic artist from Sydney, Miss Marie's newest release is the single 'Dream You'.

A bright, breezy, colourful electro-pop rhythm is married to stylish, polished synths and Miss Marie's gorgeous vocals that weave an exotic charm drawing you in as the house beat hustles you towards the dance floor.

"'Dream You' is about romanticising a relationship in your mind that never really existed," Miss Marie says.

"Rather than accepting it for what it is, you choose to indulge in the fantasy and settle for dreaming about that perfect person."

'Dream You' is the follow-up single to Miss Marie's 2019 release 'Forgive Me'.

After making her debut a decade ago when she opened for Montell Jordan and released her debut single 'Psycho', the songstress also studied fashion design launching her own fashion label.

Here, Miss Marie indulges in another passion – her love of custard-flavoured pastries. . . YUM!

1: Donut Papi

Their Bavaria donut is so light and fluffy, filled with a creamy vanilla and dusted with powdered sugar. Seriously amazing. Like, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

2: Tuga Pastries

The first time I went past the tiny bakery in Clovelly, it had such a long line – I knew it had to be for something amazing. And it was.

Their Portuguese tarts are flaky and the custard has the perfect amount of sweetness. Make sure you ask for extra cinnamon.

3: Totti's Royally Baked

This one isn't quite fair to list because Totti's only made their delicious custard things during lockdown, but it was one of the only things that got me through.

Also Totti's is one of my favourite restaurants in Sydney and they always have something amazing on the menu for dessert.

4: A.P Bakery

Another discovery made during lockdown. This rooftop terrace bakery always sells out of their custard things so you have to get in early!

5: Messina

Another cheeky one as their specials change every week, but you don't have to wait long for a custard special. Their last one was Greek inspired with semolina, custard gelato and kourabiethes.

And even if there is a little wait between custard flavours, Messina has got to be the best gelato in town, so you won't be disappointed.



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