5 Favourite Chip Flavours With Northern Rivers Rockers Hammers

Hammers new EP is titled 'Kicking Goals'. Hammers new EP is titled 'Kicking Goals'.

'Kicking Goals' is the second EP release from Northern Rivers Aussie 'Pub-Step' pirates Hammers.

The six-track onslaught lands like a Mentos in a Coke bottle, the soundtrack for the modern day tin-drinking mosh monster.

Taking influences from a diverse range of styles: stoner rock, metal, blues, and blended with the anecdotal lyrical style of country, then spat in your face with the attitude of punk, Hammers aren't reinventing the wheel, they're just keeping it rockin' and rollin'.

The band also know their way around a packet of chips judging by this listicle they've supplied, rating their favourite chip flavours. How ocker of 'em!

1: Mission chilli and lime

Because they're the best f...'n chip ever made in chip making history. If you think otherwise, get a new mouth 'cause yours is f...ed.

2: Toobs

Toobs are so bloody good that they discontinued them, only to bring 'em back again after Australians realised they were deadset dickheads. Then they discontinued 'em again 'cause we're f...in pussies and couldn't handle the gum-burning pleasure.

3: Red Rock Deli sea salt

The OG flavour. Perfect flavour-to-crunch ratio. Not reinventing the wheel back here. Just enjoying the sites of flavour country.

4: Samboy salt & vinegar

It's not a party without a bowl Samboys. From the famous pink packet, to the crinkle-cut goodness found within, the flavour's so strong it brings a tear to your eye. Not to mention it spawned one of the best TV commercials of our time.


5: Cheezels

If you're gonna stick ya finger in a ring, make it a Cheezel. They got more cheese than a yeast infection and crunch harder than a jaw full o' pingers.



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