5 Favourite Bikkies To Snack On

Kickd-In Bickie Tin are an indie rock band from Moree.
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A regional NSW band from Moree, Kicked-In Bickie Tin are only at the start of their musical journey having released their debut single 'Floor' last year.

With a DIY approach and spirit to building their band's reach, the trio of Gamilaraay man Shaun Mills (lead vocals/ guitar), his cousin Zach Hauser (drums) and their good mate John Fing (bass) have resorted to bringing their music to whoever will host them.

Hundreds of kilometres from any purpose-built live music venues, the trio have brought their surf rock sounds plus their own PA and lighting rig to backyards, pubs and sporting clubs throughout their home town and beyond.

"The band started from a few people that just wanted to have a jam, and it just grew into something quite cool," Shaun says.

After the release of 'Floor', the lads newest single is the just released 'High Again' that was produced and mixed by Matt Cochran of Talk Heavy and mastered by Grammy-nominated Will Yip.

The lads are now branching out with their biggest tour to date that will see them play spaces in Brisbane (twice), Narrabri, Moree, Cherry Creek and Lennox Head.

"We're pretty excited to branch out and hit the road and play some shows with some mates in support of the new track for our first tour," shares the band.

"While it's not a national tour selling out arena shows, it's a hell of a lot closer than we first thought we'd ever get, being from a small country town, and we're only really just getting started."

Here the band shares their five favourite bikkies. Let the debate rage!

5: Anzac Biscuits

We'd be lying if we said our first attempt to make Anzac biscuits was a success. However, if you call oats and brown sugar burnt to cinders a success, then I guess you'll be seeing us on the new season of 'My Kitchen Rules'.

4: Subway's White Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie

After the purchase of a footlong sub for smoko, the cashier politely asks: "Would you like any drinks or cookies?" Ummm, yeah! We only got the sub so we could get it in a deal with cookies.

3: Arnott's Shortbread Cream

It comes after years of opening the Family Assorted Creams packet to only start World War 3 with your siblings over who's getting the last shortbread out of the pack. A war the Bickie Boys reign supreme.

2: Oreo

If the twist, lick and dunk was a national sport, Oreo would have us as #1 on their endorsement list. It's not only being able to eat the biscuit as a whole, but using it as a topping.

It's hard to deny that anything with crushed Oreos added to it, isn't going to send your taste buds into a frenzy, which makes it delicious as well as versatile.

1: Tim Tams

It's no secret that one of life's ultimate hacks is biting off both ends of the Tim Tam and using it as one of nature's straws and then being able to devour the remainder of the biscuit, topping it off with a soft squelching crunch that makes you forget all of your problems.

Kicked-In Bickie Tin 2023 Tour Dates

Thu 22 Jun - The Brightside (Brisbane)
Sat 24 Jun - Weedy Wonka's Winter Solstice (Cherry Creek)
Fri 30 Jun - Tattersalls Hotel (Narrabri)
Sat 1 Jul - Amaroo Tavern (Moree)
Sat 22 Jul - Greaser (Brisbane)
Sat 29 Jul - Lennox Hotel (Northern Rivers)

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