5 Favourite Aunty Donna Sketches Shared By Grizzlyshark

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Grizzlyshark's new EP is titled 'MOSAIC'. Grizzlyshark's new EP is titled 'MOSAIC'.

Brisbane easycore, emo punks Grizzlyshark are ramping up their 2022 as they near the release of their new EP ('MOSAIC'), which was mixed and produced by Troy Brady – The Amity Affliction, In Hearts Wake.

The first single from the EP was 'TMS' followed last month by 'What's The Plan Gogglehead'. Vocalist Andrew Jeffery noticed his experiences living with ADHD could be compared to the quirky portrayal of various animated protagonists.

"As someone with ADHD, I've had a lot of, let's call them humbling, moments in my life. I wanted to relay this aspect – the naive attitude that comes with being impulsive with little forethought into an action.

"I noticed a theme in many animated shows. The main character is almost always a poster child for ADHD. Rash, impulsive, generally unaware of what is going on around them and hyper-focused.

"'Digimon' in particular, one of my childhood favourites, always had the goggle-headed character mess up by brashly charging in, then needing to fix his mistakes and learn from them."

Set to be released 29 July, Grizzlyshark have today released the third and final single from 'MOSAIC' titled 'There's No "I" In Quaranteam'.

Here, the band lean in hard to their love of Aunty Donna with their favourite sketches from the hilarious trio.

Explaining A Board Game

Liam: I love board games. Andrew also loves board games. Andrew hates learning board games. This skit exemplifies the experience I imagine Andrew or anyone else playing board games with me has when I'm trying to explain the rules.

Offloading Cake At The End Of A Party

Joey: It's one of those skits that feels really relatable to so many people and can also make me laugh every time, even if I'm showing it to someone for the hundredth time; I don't care, it's unquestionably funny.

$30 Bottle of Wine

Adam: While I believe there is an eloquent way to describe the sophistication and genius that goes into Aunty Donna skits, I'm not that great at English so I'll just say this: the slow descent into madness, the increasing level of stupidity and the boy's willingness to share bodily fluids will never not be funny. Good stuff all round honestly.

The School Nurse: A Special Report

Andrew: It just keeps getting more ludicrous and less medical. The fourth wall break by the nurse has me in absolute stitches every time I watch it. Still not the wildest reason I've seen a student come to the school nurse for.

Real Estate Agents

Grizzlyshark: We've all rented and a number of us have had to deal with real estate agents who maybe weren't so fantastic and maybe, potentially, just perhaps didn't have the best interests of the tenants in mind. We think most young people in Australia can probably relate to this one.

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