5 Favourite Albums By Queer Women Shared By Naavikaran

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Naarm-based futurist-pop artist, singer-songwriter, DJ, rapper, and theatre producer, Naavikaran recently released their debut EP 'CHIQ DISCOTHEQ'.

Produced by Levi Kohler, this genre-bending soundscape combines elements of pop, electronica, rap and R&B promising to captivate audiences with its infectious rhythms and innovative sounds.

Previously named a 30 Under 30 LGBTIQ+ Leaders in Australia in 2019, Naavikaran's 'CHIQ DISCOTHEQ' holds hope for vibrant queer futures; the possibilities where our lives can exist beyond surviving, into thriving.

The project is completely written and produced by Naarm-based trans creatives. "Gay and queer artistry within music has been a relevant genre for as long as music has existed in its commercial form," shares Naavikaran.

"Music is inherently queer – particularly in the way it recognises and connects us with our deepest desires and queer folk have always made music.

"In recent years, we have had some incredible queer women who have not just contributed to some of our favourite sound bytes, but have changed the landscape of how music makes us feel. Here are my top five picks for you to pay attention to please and thank you."

Janelle Monáe - 'The Age Of Pleasure' (2023)

Janelle Monae has been a huge influence in the way she has timelessly forayed into Black-Afro futurism within her work. While her 2018 album 'Dirty Computer' continues to shape the way I think about music merging with real-life geopolitical impacts, her latest album is a whole different (and tasty) ball game.

'The Age Of Pleasure' is sexy, it's raw and features legends like the one and only Grace Jones and Sister Nancy. My favourite track from the album: 'Haute'.

Arooj Aftab - 'Vulture Prince' (2021)

It is incredible the way this project makes me feel uplifted and yet tugs strong at my heart strings. 'Vulture Prince' is a South Asian indie project with influences of jazz and Hindustani folk. It's bittersweet and nostalgic in the ways it establishes an ageless presence in my mind.

Arooj Aftab, while incredibly successful, continues to be underrated and it's time we changed it! My favourite track from the album: 'Mohabbat'.

Leikeli47 - 'Acrylic' (2018)

The way I keep returning to this project by Leikeli47 is a constant testament to how perfectly crafted this album is. Catchy rap within the realms of thorough storytelling, consistent aesthetics and vibes, 'Acrylic' has changed the game in the way I perceive the genres.

I admire Leikeli47's lyricism in the way she manages to keep her language fresh and classic, while maintaining a deep sense of artistic allure. The project is a homecoming, and would be a smash hit even if it were to be out today. My favourite track from the album: 'Girl Blunt'.

Honey Dijon - 'Black Girl Magic' (2022)

Honey Dijon is easily one of the most exciting and versatile artists and producers to have risen in the public eye in recent times, and 'Black Girl Magic' is a clear testimony to her genius.

Filled with a sense of joyous, dreamy and almost noir-like dreamscape, 'Black Girl Magic' is an electronic, disco and house project that transports you into fantastic realms of Black joy. Most tracks also feature some fantastic underrated collaborations and therefore a good project to follow in order to find other fine creatives.

A perfect album to deep dive into if you're looking to bring the club to your very home. My favourite track from the album: 'La Femme Fantastique (feat. Josh Caffe)'.

Jasmine Infiniti - 'Bxtch Släp' (2020)

This project very thoroughly held me by the waist, raised me up in the air, and shook me into the euphoric trance of a lifetime. While the project is a slight step away from the norm, and thrives more within a house-electronic realm, the work deserves a considerable mention.

'Bxtch Släp' holds themes of queer solidarity and community in ways that are innovative, while building on the legacies of Black women and their continued brilliance. A worth-while listen, deserving of dance-floor air time, and very much a rare jewel. My favourite track from the album: 'Ghettro'.

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