5 Fave Western Australia Spots Alt-Rockers Big Orange Love

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Big Orange are an alternative rock band from Perth. Big Orange are an alternative rock band from Perth.

Last month, WA alternative rockers Big Orange dropped their debut album, 'An Ode To Odious' – fans of Band Of Horses, Calexico, Modest Mouse, Something For Kate, 78 Saab take note; your new, favourite band has just arrived.

Uplifting melodies and bright percussion meet warm guitars and impassioned keys – 'An Ode To Odious' doesn't sound like your average debut album either; rather, it's rich indie depth showcase a band who've slowly evolved since forming in 2015.

"We've been chipping away at this album for quite some time now," band member Emma Adams says.

"Some tracks are new but others have been kicking around for what seems like eternity.

"It's not a long album, just eight tracks that felt right together at this point in time. We have so much in the pipeline, it feels good to get this train a-rollin'."

Featuring already released singles 'Apocketlipstick', 'Goodnight Kiss Vampire Bite', 'The Reason' and their latest cut, 'I Wanna Know', the album was recorded at lead singer Daniel Davis' home studio as well as by Dave Parkin (Spacey Jane, San Cisco) at Blackbird Sound Studio.

"I usually write about existentialism, morality, sadness, self-loathing, misanthropy, lost love and apocalypse; so I hope people can enjoy an album's worth of my pessimistic world view," Daniel says.

"I'm glad we could get this album before the world ends. This album has been a long time coming and a lot of work, but we think we've made a really good record that we can be proud of."

Here, Big Orange take us inside their five fave spots in WA. Sweet.

My Music Room, West Leederville

(Daniel) My Music Room is my favourite place in WA, surrounded by instruments making new sounds and worlds to exist in. It's a place where I feel comfortable, free and in control.

I feel a constant need and urgency to always be working on my craft and searching for new songs. It's a place where I can be anyone or anything I want. It's also a place we rehearse, so it's a place of immense enjoyment and fun for me. I don't want it becoming a tourist destination though.


(Tom) My favourite spot is where I grew up. Quiet, unpeopled, forested and natural, it's the perfect place to run to when things get too much. It's a spot where I can sit without thinking, and dream without wanting.

This is the place that gives me the energy I need to head back out into the bustle of the modern world.

Hen House Recording Studio, Osborne Park

(Jamie) Hey Jamie here, newest member and most stoked. My favourite spot is probably Hen House Rehearsal Studio. Been going there for probably ten years now across several projects.

Always so accommodating and you're always gonna bump into a like-minded friend.

The Bird, Northbridge

(Emma) The Bird is a small neighbourhood bar and live music venue that's an institution in the Perth music scene.

It's a great place to play and there is a courtyard out the back that we love to hang out in. You're always bound to run into other musos and people you know.

Perth has a great music community, which feels even more tight-knit now with all the borders currently closed. I programme the music for the venue so there's that connection to it also; it's where I work and play.

Joe's Juice Joint, Northbridge

Joe's is a late-night dive bar down a side alley in Northbridge. It's gritty, grimy and plays cool music.

It's usually the last stop at the end of a big night. You'll very likely bump into several people you know in the same state as you are, perhaps have a sing-along on the dance floor. We've been known to have a little too much fun there I think.



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