5 Fave Chocolate Snacks Shared By Sam Buckingham

Sam Buckingham is a folk, Americana singer-songwriter based in Byron Bay. Sam Buckingham is a folk, Americana singer-songwriter based in Byron Bay.

Byron Bay-based singer-songwriter Sam Buckingham recently released her most personal album yet titled 'Dear John'.

It follows her two previous records 'I'm A Bird' (2013) and 'The Water' (2017), and sees Sam exploring new sonic territory with a move away from her indie folk/ Americana style and delving into alternative pop.

With the songs on the new record stemming from the breakdown of a toxic relationship, and the lyrics covering topics of female empowerment, gender equality, men's violence against women and self-expressing, 'Dear John' is the album Sam Buckingham needed to write, and the album we all need to hear.

Currently on tour, here Sam indulges in her sweet tooth with her five favourite chocolate snacks.

Chocolate and beetroot cake

It's weird, but it works! Chop the beetroot up into tiny pieces and make the icing out of cream cheese.

Chocolate chip cookie

It would be rude not to include this classic, but I have to stress how important the chocolate chip to cookie ratio is.

The chips must cover at least 65 per cent of the cookie, and must be mixed INTO the batter, not just sprinkled on top like a cruel afterthought. And, chewy beats crunchy, every time.

Lindt balls

Do not bite into these chocolate dreams. EVER. The gooey centre is much more satisfying if you have to wait for it.

Chocolate eclair

My mum used to bribe me with these. I took piano lessons for years just so I could get an eclair afterwards.

Sweet potato and chocolate mousse

I like to mix in some vanilla and cinnamon, and eat it straight out of the blender like a grown up.

Sam Buckingham 2022 Tour Dates

Sat 4 Jun - The Wesley Anne (Melbourne)
Fri 10 Jun - Royal Oak Hotel (Launceston)
Sat 11 Jun - Republic Bar (Hobart)
Fri 17 Jun - The Aardvark (Fremantle)
Sat 18 Jun - Four5Nine (Perth)
Sun 19 Jun - Grace Emily Hotel (Adelaide)



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