5 False Truths About Living In NYC During The COVID-19 Pandemic Shared By Mindchatter

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Mindchatter's new single is titled 'Scared To Go Home'. Mindchatter's new single is titled 'Scared To Go Home'.

New York-based singer-songwriter and electronic producer, Mindchatter drifts into the worlds of hip hop and pop with his latest release.

Thought provoking, vulnerable and oozing effortless cool, 'Scared To Go Home' bends genres and lures listeners in with a chilled magnetism – for fans of Jamie XX, LCD Soundsystem and Bonobo.

"'Scared To Go Home' is about how lonely nightlife can feel," Mindchatter says. "It was inspired by a night out in NYC at a trendy club with way too many people in it.

"Trying to connect with others through alcohol, strobe lights and aggressive music can be incredibly depressing at times. I've always wanted to capture that feeling because I think it's one we've all felt but rarely talk about."

As the world comes to grips with the coronavirus recovery and way forward, one of the hardest hit regions in the entire planet continues to be New York.

Here, Mindchatter dispels the rumours by sharing five false truths about what it's like to live in NYC right now. And for heaven's sake, listen to #5 – PLEASE!

1: You're not allowed to go outside

For a while the city was dead, and it was unnerving to see Times Square and other busy areas completely vacant, but now that the weather has turned, nobody seems capable of staying inside.

This past weekend I saw more people outside in my neighbourhood in Brooklyn than I have in years. It seems like we're entering a period of everyone starting to slack off with the precautions – it's hard to worry about something so intensely for such a sustained period of time.

2: The bars are closed

Oddly enough they're not closed, they're just not allowed to serve inside so they sell drinks to people out of their window or front door.

The Brooklyn streets are filled with masked alcoholics gathered around pub entrances like they're getting war rations or something. Usually, it's illegal to drink on the streets but I think the cops have worse matters to attend to at the moment.

3: Everyone's an asshole

People think New Yorkers are rude, but right now they seem more considerate than ever. In the grocery stores and in Ubers you can feel a real sense of 'damn we're going through this strange thing together'.

4: The Subway is closed

Nope, it's still going. The trains stopped for a night for disinfecting and it was the first planned, overnight shutdown in 115 years.

Most people are avoiding it though; many are biking around as a way to stay away from public transportation and cabs. There's apparently a big bicycle shortage in the city; all the bike shops are running out.

5: Drinking Clorox cures the Virus

Don't do this guys, even if the US President says so.



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