5 Drinking Games Recommended By Singer-Songwriter Cass Hopetoun

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Australian country artist Cass Hopetoun shares 5 drinking games you can enjoy as we all cope with our new COVID-19 world. Australian country artist Cass Hopetoun shares 5 drinking games you can enjoy as we all cope with our new COVID-19 world.

This year has already seen Australian singer-songwriter Cass Hopetoun take home first place at Tamworth Country Music Association's Talent Quest in January.

While earlier this month, Cass released her very first single, 'Shots', which scenestr was stoked to premiere the song's accompanying music video.

"The idea for 'Shots' came to me one night when friends of mine wanted to go home super early because they had work in the morning and I realised this was happening a looooot," Cass says.

"I was realising that all my friends around me were in a hurry to grow up. They're all in their mid 20s, getting full-time jobs and sometimes seem allergic to having fun.

"One day I said 'No one wants to do shots anymore' and that became the start of the song."

The country artist, who idolised Delta Goodrem as a child and has an adorable pooch called Skip, has provided 5 drinking games that normally we'd recommend for weekend activities only.

But given our new COVID-19 world, and all that will entail, the following games offer a light form of escapism that will provide relief (even just for a moment).

Just remember to practise safe social distancing and make sure all competitors clean their hands before commencing play. It's the new normal folks.

1: Beer Pong

Beer pong is like ping pong, which is like a sport, so like, this is totally healthy. I love a good, team-on-team action game. I actually suck at getting the balls in, so I always pray I've chosen myself a co-ordinated team to make up for it.

2: Where's The Water?

I love a good bluffing game. It's simple in set-up and rules, yet seriously effective.

How to play: Fill every shot glass (but one) with a colourless spirit, before filling the final glass with water. Mix the glasses around and get everyone to pick a glass. On the count of 3, everyone must down the contents of their glass. You then start again.

3: Never Have I Ever

This is a great game to play with friends or people you're just trying to get to know. It's a dangerous one though, 'cause you might end up finding out things you wish you could forget.

4: Kings Cup

This is bound to be a wild time. Well, for one lucky/ unlucky loser it is at least! I don't think I've ever had a night where the group decided 'I wish we didn't play Kings Cup'. It is how all good drunken stories begin.

5: Drunk Jenga

Ohhhh, customisable you say? I mean, it depends on how creative you get, but this game is a wholeeee lot of fun. I feel like I should point out that whatever happens during drunk jenga, stays at junk jenga!



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