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Canberra rockers Sputnik Sweetheart's newest single is titled 'Jealousy'. Canberra rockers Sputnik Sweetheart's newest single is titled 'Jealousy'.

Canberra rockers Sputnik Sweetheart have released their first track of 2021, the epic 'Jealously' that features intricate, arty riffs and fantasy-like vocals that build into an explosive second-half.

"The song originated from the main guitar riff you hear throughout the intro and verses," bassist Joe Pabis says. "Nette sent me a voice memo and as soon as I heard it I couldn’t get it out of my head."

Adds frontwoman and guitarist Nette France: "Jealousy is one of those uncomfortable emotions that makes you feel not like yourself. You know that feeling where you're like, 'Am I losing my mind?'.

"For the song, we imagined the emotion to be this kind of nasty fantasy creature that made people act and think differently. The lyrics are written from the perspective of that creature and the single artwork is a guess at what it might look like."

Here, the band share a number of albums that have shaped the creative endeavours of Sputnik Sweetheart.

Wolf Alice - 'My Love Is Cool' deluxe edition

Nette: I listen to a pretty broad spectrum of music, but when I first heard this album I was like "woahh, this is the kind of music I want to make". I love that every song brings something different, but still feels distinctly Wolf Alice.

Ellie's lyrics always feel personal but sometimes you don't quite know what they're about, and I like that. Hearing the thick, fuzzy guitars, coupled with choir-like harmonies and backing vocals, got me really excited about the different possibilities in alt-rock music.

In my opinion, this album doesn't just do one thing, it draws from lots of different influences, ideas and emotions. That's why I love it so much and how it influences my own writing.

Neurosis - 'Through Silver In Blood'

Zac: This album informs every aspect of my musicality. Neurosis, as a group, exercises such thoughtful songwriting, and every musician within the unit works together to ensure their parts purely serve the songs, never their ego.

The careful note choice and hypnotic use of repetition on this album have continued to inspire me since my first listen in 2011. Neurosis as a band also stands as such a staple in the DIY world, as a band that have strived to carve their own path, and never adhere to the expectations placed on them.

Snail Mail - 'Lush'

Joe: When you discover a new artist and the first time listening through sounds like the soundtrack to your life, you know you are on to a winner. This album blew me away; it's raw, honest and relatable. I went and bought the vinyl after one listen through on Spotify, and it's been on high rotation at home ever since.

The intricacies of the guitars, coupled with the bass and drums make you feel happy, sad, happy again, which is something not a lot of artists can do. Lindsey's vocals soar throughout the whole album, and you can really feel the emotion attached with each song. The way that each song is constructed is thoughtful and leaves you wanting more.

The Killers - 'Hot Fuss'

Mal: This album, and definitely The Killers as a band have been a big influence on my Sputnik sound. It's an album that features tunes that you could listen to everyday for the rest of your life and they'll still make you jam out and sometimes make you cry.

An album that balances emotionally loaded, memorable lyrics and energetic grooves. The kind of tunes that are just as fun to play as they are to listen to.

Bombay Bicycle Club - 'I Had The Blues, But I Shook Them Loose'

Nette & Joe: This is one of the first albums that both of us connected over when we first became friends and started playing music together. It influenced our early songwriting and overall sound immensely, and still remains a staple in our everyday listening.

The whole album is incredibly well written, and I love the way that the guitars never feel like they're battling each other to be the 'most important riff', they're constructed in a way that gel beautifully together, while simultaneously gluing together the rest of the band.

There's a podcast that we love called 'Tape Notes' that in one episode takes a deep dive on the writing and recording of this particular album; if you're a Bombay fan, definitely recommend!

Sputnik Sweetheart 2021 Tour Dates

Fri 4 Jun - Stay Gold (Melbourne)
Sat 12 Jun - Greaser (Brisbane)



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