5 Defining Albums Selected By Oly Sherman

Oly Sherman's newest single is titled 'Lush Lyfe' and features rapper KP Hydes. Oly Sherman's newest single is titled 'Lush Lyfe' and features rapper KP Hydes.

Sydney indie artist Oly Sherman starts 2021 with his very first collaboration, releasing the soulful jam 'Lush Lyfe' that features effortless flows from hip hop artist KP Hydes.

"It's a weird thought that this is my first actual collaboration track," admits Oly. "I've known KP for a while now and always wanted his type of energy on one of my songs.

"He came over for a few drinks one night and I asked if he would be keen on rapping on this drum beat/ guitar rhythm I had recorded a few weeks earlier. He was amazing. The song's structure literally took an hour or two to put together."

'Lush Lyfe' finds Oly contemplating the aspect of being misunderstood.

"I was going through so many of the motions in so many aspects of my life for so long, and wasn't until recently I decided to start making more decisions for myself. The title of the song is ironic in a way, as a 'lush life' can be misleading."

Here, Oly shares five albums that have had a defining role with his own music.

The Paper Kites - 'Twelvefour' (2015)

Coming out in mid-2015, I remember anticipating this album so much. It's probably one of the two or three albums I still go back too since its release.

This is when I noticed that The Paper Kites had really found 'their sound'. Every song had a mixture of care, lyricism and a mellow sound that really stuck to me.

I also went to see The Kites play the record live in Sydney a year after its release and wasn't disappointed in the slightest. I would recommend this album to anyone looking for something easy to listen to.

The War On Drugs - 'Lost In The Dream' (2104)

Probably my favourite album to date. I found one of the tracks off this album pretty early on, and then eventually found my way through the album as I was travelling through South America.

There are obviously so many ways to melodically describe this album and indeed, The War On Drugs themselves.

Yet, what is really special about this album is how every song reminds me of a specific image, or scenario, or place to which I was in at the time of listening. I've never had an album give me that feeling as vividly as 'Lost In The Dream' does, and for that reason alone, it will remain one of my favourite albums.

Hablot Brown - 'Soulection Black Label' (2018)

Probably the newest album I've listened too in this list, but it's been one that's stuck with me for the last few months. I think objectively, this album is just so god damn cool.

The three lads of Hablot Brown, being really talented musos, use every skill they have to the best effect.

This album really started getting me to think about using beats/ production rather than just recording drums all the time. Some of the vocals on this album are really special as well.

Khruangbin - 'Mordechai' (2020)

I think everyone is pretty familiar with this album at the moment, and I guess if you're not, do yourself a real favour.

Groove and flow, these guys know how to make a jam into an actual song that you can sing along too. Really would love to see these guys live one day; I can imagine you would receive the same feeling seeing them on stage.

Loyle Carner - 'Not Waving, But Drowning' (2109)

Sick album this one. I've only just been getting into hip hop seriously in the last couple of years, and to be honest this is probably a good place to start for anyone.

Loyle has such a cool flow, and obviously accentuated with his accent, makes every track he raps on seem warm and genuine. I definitely like to think If I ever got into rap, it would be along the lines of this.

There's also a few tracks in the album that seem really personal to Loyle, and that in turn makes the record feel really personal to those listening.

Oly Sherman 2021 Tour Dates

Sat 10 Apr - Park House (Melbourne)
Sun 11 Apr - Shady Palms (Central Coast)
Thu 15 Apr - Earp Distilling Co. (Newcastle)
Fri 16 Apr - Shady Palms (Central Coast)
Sat 17 Apr - Since I Left You (Sydney)
Fri 7 May - The Bearded Lady (Brisbane)
Sat 8 May - Solbar (Sunshine Coast)
Thu 13 May - Treehouse on Belongil (Byron Bay)
Fri 14 May - Flow Cafe (Old Bar, NSW)
Thu 20 May - The Lansdowne (Sydney)



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