5 Brilliant Careers In The Modern Music Industry

  • Written by  Brad Raven
  • Monday, 07 December 2020 14:42
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The music business is an exciting, fast-paced and ever-changing industry which – through ups and downs – remains strong and culturally significant worldwide.

An industry full of people that are passionate about. . . You guessed it, music!

In the last 20 years alone, we have seen a massive shift in the way that music is created and consumed. Its resilience and adaptability has ensured that its continuance is assured.

Here are five career paths you can take in the current music business that might just suit you to a T!


Audio Engineer
Are you tech savvy? Have a great ear for sound? You might not necessarily play an instrument, but you understand music from the depths of your soul. Whether it be in a recording studio, mixing sound for all forms of media or even live events. Audio engineers are the wizards responsible for capturing and manipulating soundwaves into the finished product that reaches your ears. If you like playing around with sound and a never-ending selection of cool gear, then perhaps you could become one of the true unsung heroes of the music industry. The audio engineer.


Editor at a streaming service
Ever make a mixtape for your friends? Do you insist on controlling the tunes at a party? How do you feel about curating awesome playlists, attending exclusive shows, brainstorming new ideas with likeminded people in order to grow a fanbase, and listening to a sh.t-tonne of music? If you like to craft stories and create memories or capture moods, then this could be the path for you. With the popularity of streaming services growing exponentially, this is one of the new, highly sought-after dream jobs.

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Independent Label owner
Super organised? Highly motivated? Want to discover new artists and work with them to hone their sound and image? Are you up to the challenge of bringing new music to the masses? Why not start your own record label? Home studios are no longer the exception to the rule but are quickly becoming the norm. Social media marketing and online distribution have made it easier to operate an indie label at a fraction of the cost of running a major label. So long are the days of huge operating costs! With hard work and ingenuity, you can make your mark in the world of music business. Like a boss!


You’re a storyteller at heart and never short of ideas. You might not have the performing bug but that’s fine. Some of the greatest songs ever written were penned by someone other than the performer. Songwriters write for recording artists, film and TV, theatre, video games, commercials, education and anywhere you can imagine a tune. As all songwriters will tell you, the more you do it, the more you improve. So why not get started today?


Pretty straightforward right? Your passion is to play. Sure, chances of being that one-in-a-million megastar are slim, but keep in mind, there are plenty of ways to build a long-term career out of playing music. Most recorded music features loads of performers, and while a solo act is great, bands will never die! From a session muso to touring band member, orchestra to the theatre, if you just want to refine your craft and get paid to do it then this could be the life for you!

If you can see yourself in one of these careers or the many more available within the industry, then head over to The Australian Institute Of Music’s website.



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