5 Books Currently On Terrible Sons' Living Room Table

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New Zealand indie folk-pop duo, Terrible Sons newest single is titled 'You Are The Gold'. New Zealand indie folk-pop duo, Terrible Sons newest single is titled 'You Are The Gold'.

The moniker for New Zealand husband/ wife duo Matthew and Lauren Barus, last week Terrible Sons released their second single of 2020, 'You Are The Gold' – lifted from their forthcoming EP titled 'Mass'.

Based in an intentional community near Christchurch where they live with their children, Terrible Sons' style of ambient indie folk-pop evoke comparisons to Passenger, Angus & Julia Stone, Josh Pyke, Matt Corby, and Lior.

With producer Tom Healey (Tiny Ruins), 'Mass' was made in true collaborative spirit, between friends and family.

At its core, 'Mass' is about resilience, about making your voice heard, even if it seems the world isn’t listening.

Here, Terrible Sons list five books that are currently on their living room table. Bless.

1: 'Draw Paint Print Like The Great Artists' by Marion Deuchars

A beautifully printed book where you learn from the greats and hopefully add a carefully laid-out technique of theirs to yours, which in our case is a very limited set of techniques.

A librarian friend got it out for our kids but we're the ones transfixed by it. Although I am a little confused because it's a library book and yet it's set up as a drawing work book. I don't think they want my fumblings all through it. However, my favourite would be the 'painting with scissors' section a la Henri Matisse.

2: 'Grand Union Stories' by Zadie Smith

A collection of short stories from a writer my sister introduced me to when she left her copy of 'On Beauty' in a box in my parent's under-stairs cupboard before she moved overseas.

People say you can get smarter just by reading Zadie Smith. I think her writing reminds me of walking around a diverse London. I've only read the first three so far, so can't give you a favourite.

3: 'Mophead' by Selina Tusitala Marsh

A children's book for everyone. A story about a Samoan poet growing up with what others see as an unruly head of hair that turns into the unveiling of her 'crown'. It's sweet, tender and so hopeful.

I ended up sitting in the lounge by myself smiling lopsidedly to myself. I saw the national poetry jam a while ago and was so moved by the vulnerability of the poets and their hilariousness. Very smart.

4: National Geographic

Not a book per se, but my parents have gifted us a subscription for years and I love it when the brown paper package arrives in the letterbox.

I'm excited when the kids are on the couch with a pile, looking through the photos and images. The possibilities! A recent issue I loved was June 2020's article on The Last Voices of World War II, where survivors from all sides told stories of their service and the terror of war.

5: 'Koanga Garden Guide' by Kay Baxter

Lauren has been working her way through this guide on organic and regenerative gardening. I'm excited because the list of fruits and vegetables that are making their way into our backyard is delicious.

More figs, feijoas, carrots, strawberries, raspberries, pears, peaches, lemons, limes and coriander please.



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