5 Best Vegan/ Vege Spots In Brisbane Curated By The Comfort

The Comfort's sophomore album is titled 'Experience Everything. Live And Die'.
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Emotive alt-rockers The Comfort are nearing the release of their sophomore album 'Experience Everything. Live And Die' (that's due 11 November) releasing 5 singles so far.

'Bloom' is the most recent offering that they dropped at the start of October, which was preceded by 'Grace', 'Supernova', 'Conformist' and 'Love Is A Dying Plant'.

"'Bloom' is a reflection on the good and bad parts of a relationship that has come to an end, and explores the grief and self discovery that follows," vocalist, bassist Dominic Harper says.

"Immediately following a failed relationship you're forced into a period of self discovery. You truly discover who you are, who you are supposed to be and who you can be.

"Only once you've had that process so many times, can you be ready for a flourishing relationship with yourself and eventually also with someone else – 'being alone is just a stepping stone to a goddamn blessing'."

Produced, mixed and mastered by Jimmy Alexander (Awaken I Am, Slaves, alt.), 'Experience Everything. Live And Die.' finds the quartet – Dominic, plus Liam Holmes (vocals/guitar), Marcus Parente (guitar) and Izaac Calrow (drums) – joined by special guests AJ Perdomo (The Dangerous Summer) and Dylan Davidson (Deadlights).

Here, Dom shares his favourite vegan/ vege restaurants in Brisbane.

1: Nonna's Nightmare - West End

Nonna's Nightmare is a little Italian restaurant built with the intent to disappoint their Nonna with unconventional Italian foods. This comes in the form of the classic pineapple on pizza, burgers with an Italian twist and, of course, being completely vegan in a cuisine that relies pretty heavily on cheese, cream, egg and meat.

Everything they have to offer is absolutely incredible and you wouldn't go wrong ordering any pizza on the menu.

However, it's the gnocchi beef ragu that really makes this place special. I'd recommend pairing that with an entree of crumbed stuffed olives and a Pinot Noir. It's a nice vibe and would be a perfect place for a date.

2: El Planta - South Brisbane

Despite being recommended this place for over a year, I've only managed to get there once. Fortunately, it was for a friend's birthday celebration and in group bookings there is a banquet option. This meant I was able to try so many different dishes in one night and really experience El Planta in all its glory.

What's cool and unique about El Planta is that they rotate their menu every single week, only using the freshest ingredients available to them at the time. If you're there on a week they are offering fish tacos though, get them, because they were amazing.

As a margarita enthusiast, I'd recommend the grilled pineapple margarita and if they're offering, get it with a hint of spice.

El Planta is perfect for people who are not particularly into their 'mock meats' or don't want to eat a traditional meat dish made vegan. They are truly a very creative restaurant with lovely staff and a positive vibe.

3: Netherworld - Fortitude Valley

Okay, so picture an arcade with every classic game you can think of, a buuuunch of pinball machines, classic consoles like PS1, N64, Sega Master System and literally hundreds of board games and card games.

Now, combine that with a vegan restaurant in the middle and a bar with rotating craft beers, wine and delectable, creative cocktails. Yeah, this place is sick.

If you're not playing 'Time Crisis II', 'Rick And Morty Pinball' or 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater II', then you better be eating some karaage tofu paired into a phoenix burger.

If we have time before a show, we always meet here first. The Phoenix may be the best burger I've had in Brisbane. Definitely top three.

As far as drinks go, I really like Netherworld for their craft beers and the staff will help you out if it's quiet enough (it rarely is), and they might even let you try a few nips to help you figure out what you might like. I'm usually partial to a hazy pale ale or if I'm feeling fancy, maybe a cocktail with some exotic herb involved (said the pretentious white boy).

4: Veganyumm - Everton Park

Veganyumm is a staple of the Brisbane vegan diet and if you've ever been to any of the Brisbane Vegan Market nights, then you'll see them there selling their mouth-watering baked goods.

They offer a range of savoury foods, like spinach and feta rolls (vegan), pepper pies, mushroom pies and all the usual bakery favourites, as well as Vegemite scrolls and croissants.

However, the sweets cabinet is where they really shine. The usual favourite here is the galaxy brownie, a classic chocolate brownie covered in thick, rainbow-coloured icing. It's delicious, but it's the lemon cheezecake for me. It is absolutely divine.

Combine that with an almond croissant and an oat latte and you have yourself a nutritious breakfast (okay, so maybe not nutritious, but we all indulge).

5: The Green Edge - Windsor

So, no Brisbane Vegan Spots list would be complete without The Green Edge. It has been a stalwart of Brisbane veganism for as long as I've been involved in the culture.

As well as having a fantastic restaurant, after you eat you can visit the completely vegan grocer to pick up all of those little vegan things you can't find anywhere else. I'm talking marshmallows, kewpie mayo, honeycomb, fysh sauce, frozen pies and so much more.

Now, The Green Edge have both a breakfast menu and a lunch menu, so my recommendations depend on what time of the day you're visiting.

You can't go wrong with a full English breakfast (complete with scrambled tofu), but if you're after something lighter (or if you're like me, it's something extra), then a sausage and egg MocMuffin is the way to go. If you're a sweet tooth, then French toast would be my pick.

At lunch, you could order a VFC four-piece meal (we all know what that's meant to be) or a chick'n bacon burger. They also have a delicious assortment of fresh juices, smoothies or milkshakes.

Special mentions: I love the Brisbane vegan community so much that there are just some places I couldn't leave out of the list. Yavanna (Paddington - get the CFC); Vegeme (West End - Bibimbap is my choice here); Grassfed (South Brisbane - Hawaiian burger or loaded fries); and Vegan Restaurant (West End - I know the name is a little odd, but at least they're telling it how it is/ vegan honey chicken is a staple here).

If I've confused you with too many options, just pop down to Brisbane Vegan Market at Mt Gravatt Showgrounds on the first Friday of every month (5pm-9pm). You'll likely find several of these places with a stall there and many other options to try out.

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