5 Badass Women Of 2019 According To Madeline Leman

Madeline Leman And The Desert Swells showcase at 2019 Australian Music Week. Madeline Leman And The Desert Swells showcase at 2019 Australian Music Week.

Over the past four years, Madeline Leman And The Desert Swells have been a fresh voice on Melbourne’s Americana scene.

Their combination of '60s surf, '70s pop and brand of ‘femmericana’ twang is sinful and soulful, heartbreaking and leg shaking. Moving from seasoned solo performer to energetic band leader was a natural progression for Leman, who has spent the last few years carefully developing the band’s hybrid sound.

Influenced by Bonnie Raitt and Carole King, Madeline captivates audiences with stories of strong women who ramble their way through the mundane and the profound.

The band moves seamlessly from gentle folk ballads to toe-tapping honky tonk and everything in between. Featuring lush vocal harmonies, playful storytelling and a wild onstage energy, The Desert Swells’ live show is truly unique musical experience.

Ahead of their showcase performance at Australian Music Week in Sydney, here Madeline shares 5 of her badass women of 2019.

1: Jacinda Ardern

Dealing with an act of terrorism with love rather than hate is using female power for ultra good.

2: Jen Cloher

A timeless warrior, inspiring female musos like myself for decades. Our 7” single 'Diva With The Fever Of Change' is about women being overlooked in the music industry, something Jen has been talking about for yonks.

3: Deborah Francis-White

DFW is the messiah of pop feminists. I listen to her comedy podcast 'The Guilty Feminist' religiously on the train each morning to get a little girl power-pep in my step. She once wore one of my band shirts while doing a livestream. I am not worthy.

4: Megan Rapinoe

Queen! The captain of the US soccer team, leading the US Women’s National Team to victory at the women’s 2019 World Cup, scoring six goals in the process. She is a driver in the equal-pay fight and stood up to Donald Trump.

5: Brandi Carlile

A massive inspo [sic] artist for me. As a queer woman, a wife and a mother of two she was the first openly LGBTQI person to win the Grammy for Best Americana Album and Best Americana Roots performance. Step aside cowboys.

Madeline Leman And The Desert Swells showcase as part of Australian Music Week at JD's (Sydney) 8 November.



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