5 Backstage Rituals For A Winning Performance Shared By DENNIS.

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Indie pop artist DENNIS.'s new single is titled 'What You Do'. Indie pop artist DENNIS.'s new single is titled 'What You Do'.

Gold Coast's indie pop artist DENNIS. is continuing the momentum she built in 2020 (which included winning the inaugural Gold Coast Music Prize at the Gold Coast Music Awards) with another healthy serving of pop-licious, disco-infused indie gold with her newest single 'What You Do'.

"After the year we've all had, I just wanted to write something that was lighthearted and made people feel good, let loose and forget their problems for a few minutes," DENNIS. says.

"'What You Do' is about getting lost in someone or something so much that it almost seems make-believe. You know that nothing will necessarily come of it, but it feels too good to shake yourself back to reality. So, why not?"

'What You Do' features a slick vocal collaboration with Brisbane verse-spitter Professor Paul, which adds a funky, bouncey vibe to a track that will have you soaking in the fresh feels.

Here, DENNIS. shares a few backstage rituals she has been going onstage.

Cut The Snacks

Finish eating at least six hours before a show to avoid burping on stage, especially into the microphone.

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

Shake out all worries/ negative feelings with a good jump around, group huddle or whatever you're feeling – sometimes a cartwheel does the trick.

Warm Her Up

Warm up the mouth trumpet, because let's face it, it's risky enough going for those high notes when singing. When trying to make a noise that uses lots of breath after jumping around on stage, well. . . she might just not come out if you don't warm her up.

Don't Be A Fool

Give yourself a little reminder to just be yourself or at least commit to what you say on stage, because if you are thinking of swearing on stage just to be cool, then you're a fool.

Pretty Fly

Always check your fly is zipped up. Even if you are not wearing pants, it's good luck and you don't want to mess with that mojo.



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