5 Avenues To Daily Contentedness Shared By Michael Dunstan

WA singer-songwriter Michael Dunstan shares a few tips to remain content in life. WA singer-songwriter Michael Dunstan shares a few tips to remain content in life.

Michael Dunstan is a pensive Perth-based folk writer born in Wheatbelt Western Australia, with a peaceful focus on all things bigger than us.

Ahead of his last Perth band headline show of 2021, Michael shares some wisdom to remain content with your life.

1: Daily 20 minute mindfulness meditation. As someone who has been pushed close to the brink with heavy anxiety in the past, I owe everything to the practice of mindfulness.

No matter what is going on, internally and externally, there is solace in the present moment. We live in a world of impermanence, and mindfulness helps us to calmly accept each moment for what it is, without getting swept away in thought or emotion.

The Headspace app is your best friend, just try it.

2: Practice giving to others without the expectation of anything in return. In my experience, giving to others is far more rewarding than any personal achievement will ever be.

Being of service to another is to feel apart of a community, which feeds into our sense of purpose and belonging. It doesn't have to be money; giving your time and presence is the greatest gift.

3: Write ten things you're grateful for every morning. This legitimately takes 60 seconds, and re-frames your approach to the day from a positive angle.

If you can develop a daily practice of this, over time it can re-frame a more optimistic and thankful way to actually appreciate the things we are blessed with on the daily.

We turned one of my gratitude ramblings into song form, which we released this year titled 'Just How Good You Got It'.

4: Stay inspired with podcasts. For me, I've found a real source of genuine, vulnerable connection is available through the podcast world. It reassures us we're not alone, and inspires learning and growth.

We can find a world of meaning in listening and relating to the diverse experiences of others. Check out the Rich Roll Podcast.

5: Schedule time for the things you love. Seems so simple, but don't forget to do the things you love every single day. Don't feel guilty for blocking off good portions of the day for your passions. It's so important for our well-being.

As someone who used to live to surf, over the last few years I shifted my focus primarily towards music and barely surfed.

Only just recently, I have begun surfing everyday again, and it's been a profound realisation as to how much it actually positively impacts my life. Getting out into the ocean even when the waves are bad, is vital for my mental clarity and daily perspective.

To re-connect with ourselves, nature, and see how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of it all, is incredibly healthy for our content.

Michael Dunstan and band play Rosemount Hotel (Perth) 1 October and The Telegraph On Bremer (Bremer Bay, WA) 15 October.



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