5 Aussie Bands American Rockers The Wrecks Love

The Wrecks newest single is titled 'I Want My Life Back Now'. The Wrecks newest single is titled 'I Want My Life Back Now'.

LA alt rockers, The Wrecks recently released their newest single 'I Want My Life Back Now'.

While you may think it's a song reflecting on the past year and everything COVID-related, it's actually about wanting that special someone back in your life.

"Contrary to the suspiciously timely nature of the song's title, 'I Want My Life Back Now' is not a COVID-19 cash-grab," frontman Nick Anderson says.

"Although, if you can imagine going through a break-up in the middle of an already devastatingly lonely global pandemic, this song might resonate a bit."

With over 57 million global streams as well as 900k-plus monthly listeners on Spotify, there's no doubting The Wrecks star appeal. Here, Nick lists 5 Aussie bands he loves – awwwwww!

Gang Of Youths

I saw Gang Of Youths at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles. They made a room of 75 people feel like an arena; that was the day I started performing on bar tops.

There's nothing cooler than watching a... wait, can we talk about Keith Urban actually? The first song I learned on guitar was 'You'll Think Of Me' by Keith Urban and I just remembered he's Australian.

Anyway, yeah, Gang Of Youths are really great. Killer live band. Magnificent live band.

Tame Impala

I listened to Tame Impala for two years before I listened to Tame Impala with headphones on. My audiologist says I now have a permanent imprint in the shape of Sennheiser HD 660s spanning around my temporal bone and earlobe.

The Vines

The Vines are a classic amalgamation of great early 2000s indie rock – a tasty blend of all my favourite rock tropes.

This band had an immediate impact on my youth. I'll never forget that 'America's Funniest Home Videos' episode with the montage of all the motorcycle accidents, or the best song ['Ride'] on the soundtrack of 'Diary Of A Wimpy Kid', Thor Freudenthal's 2010 film-adaptation of Jeff Kinney's fictional book series of the same name.

Middle Kids

As a fellow middle child, I feel connected to this band through some sort of cosmic familial angst. I'm a sucker for that smooth indie rock/ pop blend with great vocal performances, sharp turns musically, and witty lyrics. Middle Kids checks all the boxes for me.


It isn't fair for someone to be this touching musically, while also sporting a jawline sharp enough to make my girlfriend leave me.

One of my favourite new artists and a refreshing reminder to lay down, close my eyes, and simply enjoy music for a moment. I think it'd be easy to compare Didirri to a slew of folk/ pop songwriters of the past decade, but there's authenticity behind every note, and purpose behind every lyric.



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