5 Artist Influences That Shaped Floozy's New Single 'Craving'

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Floozy are a dream-pop duo from Melbourne. Floozy are a dream-pop duo from Melbourne.

New Melbourne dream-pop duo, Floozy are back with another glistening serving of danceable, saucy electro beats and sleek, satiny vocals on 'Cruising'.

The pairing of musicians Leigh Dallimore and Andréa Hajenian, Floozy introduced themselves earlier this year with the art-rock-soaked indie electronic charmer 'Sand Dunes'.

The follow-up 'Cruising' highlights the duo's ability to combine strong songwriting with melodic aesthetics that engage your inner dancer as they coo: "Have you got a love you're craving?"

"In coming together as a duo, we always said we'd go for fun and spritzy," Andréa and Leigh says. "This doesn't always happen in the writing process, but 'Craving' definitely landed true.

"The track started with a sunny arvo studio session together, where Dre brought in this sick beat and bassline to work off. We started bouncing around the studio having a laugh and Leigh almost instantly started singing the chorus hook.

"We tried to listen to what the production was making us feel and started fleshing out the story. There was something distinctly cheeky and flirty in the way the bass moved with the beats but also something mysterious in the pulse of the pads and textures. Almost like a question being asked."

For the 'Craving' music video, Floozy directed it themselves teaming with rollerskating local Dylan Blue for a fun, energy-filled shoot in the streets of Fitzroy North, Brunswick and Carlton.

"The music video was an absolute dream," Floozy says. "Late last year, we were driving down St Georges Rd in Fitzroy North and saw this vision of a person gliding down the concrete sidewalk, dancing in their rollerskates.

"We were so taken by them, that we stopped the car and hailed Dylan down in the middle of the street. We both knew when we saw them, enigmatic in their signature blue get-up, catching the eyes of every stranger in sight, that they were 'Craving' incarnate.

"Dylan was thrilled at our ideas and shortly after exchanging contacts, we were texting excitedly about the shoot.

"While writing we really tried to embody the scenes we had imagined: indistinct voices echoing down neon lit city streets; smokey bars and clubs filled with colourful creatures of the night. Taking notes of all the textures, sounds, and emotions present."

Here, Leigh and Andréa share five artists who influenced the creation of 'Craving'.

SG Lewis

The money spot for us is the balance between light and uplifted, and moody and 'feelsy'.

A lot of the SG Lewis tracks (particularly 'Chemicals' and 'Time') definitely hit this square on and definitely played a part in influencing our taste and decision making in 'Craving'; particularly the colour and movement of the pre-chorus into a straight, rhythmic hook in the chorus with stripped-back, bold production.

Lord Echo

Lord Echo would be a more subconscious disco influence. Our good mate has all his vinyls and DJs at a lot of our get-togethers. I think this is where we first started getting a taste for some disco.

Tame Impala

Tame Impala's 'Currents' album would have to be named: the impact of the bassline in 'The Less I Know The Better' and how it drives the whole track inspired how we lean on the bass-beats relationship in 'Craving'.

Winston Surfshirt

Some more local artists would include Winston Surfshirt ('There's Only One' in particular) for that feel-good funk and groove. Winston Surfshirt definitely helps some real escape in our summer playlists chilling in the Eddy Gardens in the sun.


Young Franco & Golden Vessel

We wanted something a little more glittery than this, but we loved the warm drive of the bass in 'Underneath' by Young Franco and Golden Vessel. That carefree, dgaf flow of that rhythmic topline and bassline combo, mm mmm.



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