5 Artist Collabs Sarah Yagki Is Dreaming About

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Sarah Yagki is an alternative pop artist from Sydney. Sarah Yagki is an alternative pop artist from Sydney.

Sydney vocal powerhouse, Sarah Yagki's current single 'Rewind' is her most open and raw offering to date, showcasing the talented creative's penchant for crafting music that reaches deep inside the listener.

Co-produced by Ethan Reginato and Sarah's long-time collaborator Obseen, 'Rewind' centres on a toxic relationship.

"'Rewind' is a song about getting so deeply caught in a toxic relationship that you are stuck rewinding memories and moments that are trapped in a cycle," Sarah says.

"The process of making this was an extremely personal one, and I wanted to capture – to the best of my ability – a track from my own experiences, and one that others could relate to for such a highly sensitive topic.

"What I am trying to capture is a sound that is authentic, unique and blends a sense of strength and vulnerability."

Ahead of her gig (x2 sets) at The Vanguard (in Sydney) next Wednesday (10 November) Sarah lists five artists that would be dream collabs to work with.

1: Blake Rose

Blake Rose is a Perth-based Australian singer-songwriter who I discovered listening to his track 'Gone' and is an artist that would be a dream collab.

Rose has an incredibly emotive and talented voice, and the way he crafts his songs through incredible musicianship and powerful minimalism in his arrangements grows to something that transcends the core of what music does to connect people and their emotions.

This would be the basis to why I would want to work with him; not only to learn and delve into his writing process, but to collaborate and connect on how we can create music that connects people to their own sense of self and experiences.

2: Role Model

Role Model is an overseas pop artist that I'd love to collaborate with. Some favourite songs are 'Minimal', 'Death Wish' and 'Notice Me'. All these tracks have infectious melodies and strong, captivating emotional energy about them.

3: Seafret

Seafret is an international duo that write a string of emotive, acoustic-pop songs that take you into a dreamscape of theirs. 'Oceans', 'Atlantis' and 'Give Me Something' are all stand-out tracks.

4: Matt Maeson

Matt Maeson is an international artist with key tracks standing out as 'Hallucinogens' and 'Me And My Friends Are Lonely'. He's another artist that has a killer acoustic-electro blend of music.

5: Bea Miller

Bea Miller is a pop artist with inflictions of R&B, funk and rock in her music. She is an international artist whose songs 'S.L.U.T', 'It's Not U It's Me' and 'Feel Something' are stand-outs.



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