5 Albums That Influence The Music Making Of King Brown's Members

WA DIY rockers, King Brown's newest single is titled 'My Love'. WA DIY rockers, King Brown's newest single is titled 'My Love'.

WA rockers King Brown's newest release is the single 'My Love', a grimy garage rock number that also glistens with cool, sophisticated edge – think The Strokes meets The Black Keys hybrid of raucous yet stylish rock & roll.

"Thematically 'My Love' is a song about being completely lovesick towards someone," the band says, "feelings that are so intense that you'd do anything for them.

"But in the back of your mind being very insecure and jealous of anyone else because you're afraid of losing them."

Recorded at Vision Studios and Bumchic Studios in Claremont, 'My Love' also marks a change in the band's creative outlook as they lean into their DIY aesthetics.

"We've completely changed the dynamic within the band," the band says. "With Brendon stepping up from behind the drums to be the full-time frontman, it's enhanced our live shows phenomenally.

"We've turned a new page and we're so excited to see where we can take it.

"Production wise we changed things up a little [as well]; this is the first song almost completely recorded and released by ourselves.

"We recorded half of the song at Vision Studios and the rest at Ben's Bumchic Studio. Vision Studio allowed us to capture that large room sound for the drums and guitars.

"With Ben mixing this track too, and Shaun creating the artwork, we're pretty much a fully in-house band."

Here, each band member shares a pivotal album that has had a major impact on their own music making.

Kurt Vile - 'Wakin On A Pretty Daze'

Ben: This album encapsulates driving back from the beach full of surf stoke. Nine-minute hum dingers; cruisy, boppy and warm. The master of observational lyricism without feeling trivial.

Love this album so much got it tattooed on my leg. It's got that riffy repetitive feel; song evolves through small intricacies. Special shoutout to KV Crimes and Goldtone. We're all searching for that goldtone. His ability to stream of consciousness inject that feeling into a song is all time.

Has a massive DIY feel, especially coming from The War On Drugs where a lot of that was done in a bedroom. We're more or less DIY at King Brown, so the album reflects that.

What else can I say? Go listen to the album and then every other album by Kurt Vile, he can't do wrong.

'B'lieve I'm Going Down' is probably the perfect follow-up. 'Pretty Pimpin'' might be the best song of all time. Would have written about that album but I have the aforementioned permanently on my body, so it gets the shout.

Greta Van Fleet - 'Anthem Of The Peaceful Army'

Shaun: There would be way too many albums to choose from to be able to pick just one as an influence, so I've gone for something that I've been absolutely rinsing recently.

I think what really reels me in for this album is the straight-up classic rock sound, that has the modern production. Greta Van Fleet bring so much energy and noise not only on this album, but in all their live performances too.

From start to finish, the whole album is a wild ride with bluesy guitar riffs and acoustic ballads. And yes they do sound a lot like Led Zeppelin. . . but I don't see how that could ever be a bad thing!

Led Zeppelin - 'Led Zeppelin II'

Ash: It's always a hard task deciding on a favourite Zep album, but 'Led Zeppelin II' has always been up there. The pure swagger rock & roll doesn't stop and just keeps getting better and better.

This album has made a massive influence on me as a guitarist. They are all truly masters of their craft and my favourite band of all time.


Brendon: I had this discussion the other day and I honestly can't say I have one album or artist that I'm heavily influenced by. I have a large variety of music genres and artists that I listen to on the daily.

I can say that everything I enjoy listening to influences me as it draws me in to dig deeper into the dynamics of the song each time I listen.

Led Zeppelin - 'Physical Graffiti'

Jake: For as long as I can remember my drumming has always been influenced by John Bonham, so I'd have to say Zep's 'Physical Graffiti'. That album's drive and energy is unmatched and something I strive for in my playing with KB.

King Brown headline their first show of 2022 at Old Habits (Perth) 17 June. The band also support Dear Sunday at Jack Rabbit Slim's (Perth) 8 July, Prince Of Wales (Bunbury) 9 July, The River (Margaret River) 15 July and Six Degrees (Albany) 16 July.



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