360 Predicts Zombies – Walking Dead - From Smoking Crystal

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360 has taken to social media with a grim warning. "When the young generation of today gets old, with all these kids smoking crystal like its weed - their brains are going to be f...ed."

He's called for both understanding and education, drawing upon personal experience.

"Ice is literally destroying so many people at a rapid rate and I don't think it's gonna stop. The social stigma it used to have has totally changed and it's become an okay thing to do for younger kids.

"Instead of passing around a joint at an 18th or 21st they are passing around pipes, the future for the young generation is gonna be grim. There's gonna be so much mental illness caused from this. I used to wanna have kids, but now I honestly don't think I want to. Not just because of this drug epidemic but because society is fucked.

"Using a drug like ice as a young teenager is so bad for growing minds. Ur mind is still developing and that shit will trigger so much mental illness and pain it's crazy. Shit is scary as fuck. In the year 2045 I reckon it'll be like walking around a land full of zombies. The walking dead.

"I really hope things change but I think it's only gonna get worse. Addiction is a disease, and people with addictions should be treated like anyone with a disease. With compassion and love. I know every case is different and some cases are so severe there's no coming back, but education is key. Ice is a disgusting drug. Please be safe. As someone who has been down the dark path of addiction, you don't want to go there. Peace."

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