2019 CHANGES Live Music & Speaker Programme

CHANGES 2019 puts focus on the heart of Fitzroy and its local music makers. CHANGES 2019 puts focus on the heart of Fitzroy and its local music makers. Image: Facebook

This July, the contemporary music summit CHANGES and its live music programme will together spark discussions across the realms of music, tech, talks and ideas.

In its second year, the CHANGES conference welcomes the music world to Melbourne (3-4 July) to interrogate the current state of the music industry.

On the conference side of CHANGES, global leaders in music, technology and innovation will guide in-depth discussions about the future of the industry, along with mentors, experts and storytellers whose experiences will inform the direction of the music sector.

This year, CHANGES delegates will hear from the forward-thinking managers and agents behind some of the world’s most popular artists, including Anna Benefield (Panache Booking), Lucy Beach (Paradigm Talent Agency), Matthew Langille (People’s Champ Management) and Cameo Carlson President of MTheory, an artist-first management company that works with the likes of FKA Twiggs, Diplo, Kacey Musgraves and A$AP Rocky.

The CHANGES 2019 live music programme shines a light on the Fitzroy area, with over 20 labels, agencies and music organisations curating acts across ten venues bordering Johnston and Brunswick streets over two nights.

Alex Macfarlane, Alice Skye, Allara, Civic, DRMNGNOW, Elizabeth, Good Morning, Gordon Koang, Hexdebt, Jess Ribeiro, Laneous, Melody Pool, Miss Blanks, Mojo Juju, Palm Springs, Philly, Porpoise Spit, SaD, Spike Vincent, These New South Whales and Summer Flake are among the 100+ artists showcasing in 2019.

There is also a full roster of one-on-one meetings, group workshops and masterclasses designed for attendees to initiate important conversations and develop essential skills.

Returning to the programme after its successful launch during its inaugural year is 'Hear Me Out', the interactive listening session that invites participants to play their music to a selection of experts and receive real-time feedback.

'Focused Interactions' is a fluid networking session open to all CHANGES attendees. It’s your chance to prepare and meet face-to-face with a number of industry professionals including record labels, booking agents, managers, publishers, media and promoters.

CHANGES is on at Abbotsford Convent (Melbourne), 3-4 July.

CHANGES 2019 Speakers

Adam Ferrier, Thinkerbell
Ahilleas (Louis) Papantos, Roam eSports/Outpost Management
Alex Hutchens, McCullough Robertson
Alethea Beetson, Digi Youth Arts
Alex Zaccaria, Bolster
Allara Briggs Pattison, Artist
Ana Garcia, Coquetel Molotov (BR)
Andrew Fuller, Clearview Legal Counsel
Andrew Khedoori, CBAA
Andy Irvine, GYROstream
Anna Benefield, Panache Booking (USA)
Annaliese Redlich, RRR, All Ears podcast producer
Ash Bartlett, Music Victoria
Atong Atem, Artist
Belinda Coomes, Artist
Cameo Carlson, President of MTheory (USA)
Carlos Mills, Mills Records/ ABM (BR)
Carly Flecknoe, Grampians Music Fest
Cath Harridy, Catherine Harridy Management
Dr Catherine Strong, RMIT
Celline Narinli, triple j
Chanelle Rogers, Artist
Chris Carey, Media Insight Consulting (UK)
Claire Mooney, triple j
Clare Bowditch, Artist
Correne Wilke, The Cat Empire/Superbloom
Crystal Clyne, Artist
Daianne Dias, Festival Bananada (BR)
Dale Packard, Music Victoria
Dan Lunniss, McCullough Robertson
Danielle Rizk, Artist/PBS
Danny Blay, InTouch
Dave Ruby Howe, triple j
Dean Foley, Barayamal
Dr Emma Rush, RMIT
Dr Jo Mitchell, The Mind Room
Eliza Hull, Artist
Elle Young, PBS FM
Emily York, Penny Drop
Eric Hu, Eternal Dragonz (USA)
Fabian Malabello, Boss Battle Records
Fabrício Nobre, Festival Bananada (BR)
Felix Preval, Darwin Festival
Firas Massouh, PBS FM
Georgia Maq, Artist
Guilia McGauran, Artist
Heidi Lenffer, FEAT
Helen Marcou, SLAM/Bakehouse
Hugh Owens, Level Two
Ingrid Kesa, Broadsheet
Jacinta Parsons, ABC
Jacob Adams, Attitude is Everything (UK)
Jacob Leaney, Artist
Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt, IMMF (UK)
Jemma Burns, Level Two
Jen Cloher, Artist
Jerry Poon, The Operatives
Jessie French
Julia Wilson, Rice is Nice
Justin Tam, Eternal Dragonz
Kate Dean, Sync House
Kavisha Kuruk, White Sky
Kevin Cooper, Moshtix
Kylie Thompson, Sorrento Strategic
Lauren Mitchell, Bolster
Lauren Taylor, Triple R
Leah Flanagan, Artist/Support Act
Lee Barlow, Mushroom Group
Leigh Treweek, The Music
Liam Ridgeway, Indigitek
Linda Ryle, Barayamal
Lorrae McKenna, Our Golden Friend
Lou James, The Push
Luca Cappelli & Lucy Beach, Paradigm Talent Agency (USA)
Maddy Macfarlane, PBS FM
Maize Wallin, Noise Drawers
Mardi Caught, The Annex
Matt Bird, White Sky
Matthew Langille, People's Champ Management (CA)
Matthew Newton, Amazon
Melinda Dine, The Push
Michael Lynch, Smart Artists
Miss Blanks, Artist
Mojo JuJu, Artist
Monique Dardenne, Skol Music/Boiler Room (BR)
Morgan Luck, Charles Sturt University
N'Fa Jones, House of Beige
Nando Machado, Wikimetal/ForMusic (BR)
Neil Morris, Drmngnow/ VMDO
MZ Neon, Artist (USA)
Nkechi Anele, triple j/The Pin
Oliver Hall, Bolster
Paige X. Cho, Bolster
Paul Gorrie, Artist
Pepper Keen, Sugar Mountain
Pete Nicholson, Disco
Polly Mitchell, Parlour
Richard Watts, Triple R
Rick Howe, PBS FM
Robin McNicol, AC Entertainment (USA)
Sam Cummins, Triple R
Shaad D'Souza, The FADER
Shelley Liu, Valve Sounds, Vita Music Group
Simon Winkler, Triple R
Simona Castricum, Artist
Sose Fuamoli, triple j/Red Bull
Susan Cotchin, Good Neighbour
Syrene Favero, Creamy Spies
Tara Suamba
Terry Burdak, Paper Bark/GDAA
Tom Harris, White Sky
Tom Mee, Spotify
Uda Widanapathirana, Inertia
Vanessa Toholka, Triple R
Viv Mellish, GYROstream
Zan Rowe, Double J
+ more TBA

CHANGES 2019 Artists

808s & Greatest Hits
Ajak Kwai
Alex MacFarlane
Alice Skye
Annie Bass
Club Med
Creature Fear
Cry Club
Danika Smith
Dark Water
Denise Le Menice
Digital Afrika
Eliza Hull
Emma Stevenson
Evelyn Ida Morris
Fee B Squared
Fenn Wilson
Freya Hollick
Friendships (DJ)
Gena Rose Bruce
Girl Germs
Good Morning
Gordon Koang
Hearts and Rockets
Jade Imagine
Jess Ribeiro
Jordan Dennis
Key Hoo and the Movement
Loose Tooth
Malesh P and Flex
Melody Pool
Memphis LK
Miss Blanks
Mitch Tambo
Mojo Juju
Music in Exile DJ’s
Music Yared
Nat Vazer
Obscura Hail
Palm Springs
Porpoise Spit
Ruby Gill
Ryan Downey
Sarah Mary Chadwick
Savage The Girl
Spike Vincent
Summer Flake
Sunbeam Sound Machine
Tamara & the Dreams
Teenage Dads
The Faculty
The Finks
The Lazy Susans
The Tropes
Thee New South Whales
Tiana Khasi
Vintage Crop
Way Dynamic
William Elm
+ more TBA



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