The Best Of 2019 Binge Watching

The Umbrella Academy streams on Netflix. The Umbrella Academy streams on Netflix.

Looking for a reason to ditch the summer shindigs and savour some air-conditioned peace and quiet? We’ve got you covered with the best binge watches of the year.

1. 'Good Omens' (Amazon)

A show so fiendishly good, protesters lobbied the wrong company to have it taken down, 'Good Omens' is, depending on your perspective, either the snarkiest Armageddon story in the known world or the greatest angel/ demon (b)romance since Dean and Other Crowley.

With David Tennant and Michael Sheen bringing more sexual tension than you can shake a Bible at, it’s the perfect excuse to hide out through the next heatwave.

1. 'The Umbrella Academy' (Netflix)

Tying for pole position with 'Good Omens', 'The Umbrella Academy' stems from the hilariously warped mind of My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way.

When strong contender for worst father ever Sir Reginald Hargreeves shuffles off the mortal coil, his barely functional, super-powered wards are left to try and put aside their differences and save the world. Come for the hotness of Robert Sheehan, stay for the comedic gore, kick-ass soundtrack and the kind of plot that’ll leave you skipping out on Christmas parties to binge watch.

3. 'Prodigal Son' (Foxtel)

Lovers of crime can’t go past the heart-warming, darkly comedic, sometimes violent story of a socially awkward profiler reluctantly reconnecting with his serial killer father.

You’ll laugh, you’ll scare yourself profiling your family over an awkward Christmas meal, and you’ll possibly even have an uncomfortable realisation about your ability to find Michael Sheen’s murder-grins sexy.

4. 'Upright' (Foxtel)

We are blessed to live in a world where Tim Minchin exists, let alone acts in heartwarming, ridiculously Aussie shows like this. 'Upright' is the story of misfits Lucky Flynn and Meg, a beloved piano, and a quest to drive said piano to Perth.

With all the sappy wonderfulness of a Christmas movie (if said movie had the nauseating Christmas cheer replaced with larrikinism and snark), this might just be the perfect excuse to skip out on the socialising for a well-earned night in.

5. 'His Dark Materials' (Foxtel)

The Hamiltrash among us are already loving this show for the glory that is Lin Manuel Miranda, but for those who missed the memo, 'His Dark Materials' is one of the most complex, beautiful fantasy shows to hit screens in a very long time.

The cast is superb, the cgi stunning, and it’s a safe bet you’ll end up lamenting the lack of daemons (in this ‘verse, human souls in animal form) in your life.

Honourable mentions: 'Supernatural' (Stan), for giving up on making sense entirely to have a Scooby Doo crossover; 'The Mandalorian' (Disney Plus), even though I haven’t seen it yet, because I don’t need the hate mail that’ll exist if I do not worship at the altar of baby Yoda.


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