Tales In Light – Adelaide Film Festival Uncovering Forgotten Stories

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Williams Family at Christies Beach Williams Family at Christies Beach (State Library of South Australia – B69688)

Tales In Light is a project from Adelaide Film Festival, aiming to shine a light on Adelaide’s forgotten people and events.

Residents of South Australia are being invited to submit their hidden Adelaide stories. Twenty of these will be selected for writers to research and develop, and then, one of these will be chosen to be turned into a light projection that runs during the Adelaide Film Festival in October.

Plus, all 20 of the finalist stories will be available to read on the festival website.

“The history we learn is mostly focused on the powerful. But often, it’s everyday people and events who truly shaped the lives we live today. We know the people of Adelaide will have gems of stories that should take their place in the known history of our people and our city,” Adelaide Film Festival CEO/Creative Director Mat Kesting says.

The stories submitted can be from any time in the past, about any sort of person or event. Perhaps it’s a story about something which was a big deal at the time, but has slowly been forgotten about – or a personal family story that only a few people know about.

TalesInLight AdelaideFilmFest2

Adelaide Film Festival is also working with Writers SA to find five writers for the Tales In Light project. They’re searching for writers with a passion for local stories, and a professional interest in developing skills to work on screen-based immersive projects.

Writers will research and outline five nominated stories, and are encouraged to come to the project with one idea for a story, indicative of their areas of interest.

Head to the Adelaide Film Festival website to learn more.

Adelaide Film Festival 2022 runs from 19-30 October.



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