Supanova Welcomes Designated Survivor's Italia Ricci To Sydney & Perth

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Italia Ricci is one of Supanova's guests at the Sydney and Perth conventions June 2019. Italia Ricci is one of Supanova's guests at the Sydney and Perth conventions June 2019.

US TV series 'Designated Survivor' has received a facelift from streaming giant Netflix, for the show's third season.

“This season is unbelievable,” actress Italia Ricci, who stars as Emily – the US President's 'right-hand woman' – says.

“Netflix just changed the game for this show; it made the show into what it should've been from the beginning. I mean, it was always a good show but Netflix just raised the stakes and made it a great show; like it is a hell of a show now.”

The series, which centres around Kiefer Sutherland's character Thomas Kirkman after he becomes US President following a horrific event, had been hanging in the balance after being cancelled by ABC late last year.

But it was saved by Netflix, gifting fans with a third season, which is said to be bolder as the streaming giant faces less restrictions around their material than the American television network.

“I’m so excited for people to see it, I haven’t even seen it yet. The quality of the script, the freedom that we had, the content, the new actress – oh my god, Julie White is so good on it. I just think it’s gonna blow people away.”

Italia earlier this year announced that her husband, Robbie Amell, and she are expecting their first child together, and the reality of having a baby is beginning to dawn on her.

“It’s so hot which normally I would be in love with, but I’m getting super pregnant and I’m just hot all the time. LA life is alright. I can’t complain, I’m just hanging out right now. My husband Robbie is shooting a movie in Mexico, so my house is staying very clean which is nice.”

The conspiracy thriller 'Designated Survivor' centres on a low level United States cabinet member, Thomas Kirkland, who is suddenly appointed President after a catastrophic attack during the State Of The Union kills everyone above him in the presidential line of succession.

Ricci stars alongside award-winning actor Kiefer Sutherland who portrays Thomas Kirkman who is running for re-election in season 3. “I love that man,” Italia says, referring to Kiefer.

“If I could only ever do projects with Kiefer for the rest of my life, I could die a happy girl.

“[S3] follows Kirkman’s run for re-election and what that entails, and you kind of see whether or not he evolves into the politician that he needs to be to stay President, and it's about everyone around him.

“Emily has always been the one to try and keep him honest, so [season 3 follows] how [the campaigning] affects her and how everybody around him reacts to the race.”

Ricci has found similar attributes between herself and her character in 'Designated Survivor'. “I think I'm probably just as stubborn as Emily is, and I'd like to think I'm as honest and loyal. But catch me on a bad day and I'm sure there's none of that to be seen.

“I think that most of the characters I play innately have to have something that I can relate to in order for me to make them honest.

“If you look at any of my characters there's something I can find I can relate to, even Silver Banshee [from 'Supergirl']; I think that her ambition and her drive is something I can relate to.”

Italia will also be making an appearance in Sydney and Perth this month for Supanova to discuss her roles in 'Designated Survivor' as well as 'Supergirl'. “I'm dying to get there. So excited, are you kidding me?!”

Season 3 of 'Designated Survivor' is streaming on Netflix. Supanova takes place at Sydney Showground Olympic Park 21-23 June and Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre 28-30 June.



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