Streaming Online Now: New Melbourne Offbeat Comedic Web Series 'Sex & Death'

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'Sex & Death' is a new web series from Melbourne's KEWL Studios. 'Sex & Death' is a new web series from Melbourne's KEWL Studios.

Melbourne-based KEWL Studios recently launched their debut online miniseries, 'Sex & Death' that follows aspiring but hopeless actress Charlie and her lost-cause attempts at romance.

With actor, writer and director Kathleen Lee portraying Charlie, the six-part web series explores relationships, virtue, self-discovery and self-expression.

"Since writing 'Sex & Death' I have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder," begins Kathleen, "and am currently writing another show explicitly exploring this.

"However, 'Sex & Death' is also about my experiences leading up to my diagnoses before I had the language to express it in those terms.

"Charlie is a person who is innately different trying to navigate how to fit into a world where she doesn't seem to belong.

"What's interesting and different about this story is that it is the main character, the observer, the eyes through which we see the world that is the weird, the different, the neurodiverse character and because of this, it's the neurotypical people around her: Damian, Tanya and even Greg who become the absurd characters."

'Sex & Death' was produced by Tobias Willis. "What I think is special about this team is that we have all gone through film school together.

"Graduates of Film & Television at the Swinburne University of Technology, we formed relationships that have carried on for years. I started KEWL Studios in 2017 and it has brought us all together again.

"It's been wonderful to reconnect and start creating together each as established professionals in our own right.

"Over the years we have all worked on countless short films, music videos, TV series, features and commercials, and 'Sex & Death' is a concentrated effort to establish our own voice as creatives and filmmakers together."

The series adds extra indie charm to its offering with a soundtrack featuring the likes of Sunbeam Sound Machine, Vanderlay, Grand Salvo and Mount Saint Leonard.

Plot: Haunted by duplicitous lovers, selfish friends and a tyrannical acting coach, 'Sex & Death' follows Charlie (Lee) on a tumultuous journey to emotional liberation and expressive freedom; drawing directly on Lee's experience living with undiagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Featuring notable performances from Isabella Giovinazzo ('Home and Away') and Raw Comedy winner Jonathan Schuster ('Fancy Boy', 'Fresh Blood'), and a few cameos from producer Tobias Willis, 'Sex & Death' is a fresh take on modern day relationships from an essential and underrepresented new viewpoint.



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