Reel Life: WA Film Industry News March 2021

'The Dish' 'The Dish'

At Revelation Perth International Film Festival, we never sleep!

Australian Revelations
After taking a break last year (damn that virus) we are back with Australian Revelations on 15 March. We're picking up where we left off with a suitably spacey film (given the recent Mars landing. . . You know) with 'The Dish'. Led by Cliff Buxton (Sam Neill), this lovely film tells the story of the moon landing and the extraordinary role the Parkes satellite dish in receiving and relaying the iconic images of Neil Armstrong’s giant leap for mankind to the world. This is also a chance to catch the locally made 'Raising Joey' short film which is currently rocketing around the international festival circuit! Get your tickets and prepare yourself for the best in cheese, company and cinema!

There’s a month to go before entries close so if you’ve got a film that’s ready for us – or even a work in progress, you might want to take the opportunity to send us through a copy! All our short films are programmed through the international call, as are a good amount of the feature programmes, and there’s only one way to get in. . . And you know what that is! Send us your film before COB, 1 April.

City of Vincent Film Project
The projects for the 2021 City of Vincent Film Project have been selected and this year the filmmakers will each receive $7,000 to put towards their documentaries and which will premiere at Rev in July.
Broadcasting 24/7, but what happens when a radio station that is always on air goes into lockdown? Radio silence? Or?
Writer, Producer, Director – Mel Branson, DoP – Lewis Potts
A celebration of the letterbox, a somewhat redundant feature of our homes. 'We Had Mail' is an ode to the humble (and not so humble) letterboxes found in the suburbs of the City of Vincent.
Writer, Producer, Director – Jen Jamieson, Sound Design – Rebecca Riggs-Bennett
For the last 30 years, Richard Pace has started each morning with swimming laps at Beatty Park.
Producer – Jay Jay Jegathesan, Director – Radheya Jegatheva, DoP – Jenina David

BlindDate Rev2021
'Blind Date'

XR:WA - games, VR, AR & film conference and expo
We’re happening in 17-19 September at venues across the Perth Cultural Centre. We’re busy confirming guests and exhibits and can’t wait to bring some of the best in locally produced computer games, VR and immersive experiences and speakers from around town, around the country and around the world. Join our mailing list to get the details as they come to hand.

Blind Date
For Rev in July, we're also bringing back Blind Date – our unique filmmaking/music collaboration.
The idea is simple…
1. Filmmakers get to choose a song from a list supplied to us by more than 50 local musicians, DJs or groups.
2. Make a video.
3. Submit that sucker.
4. Get judged.
5. Come to the screening!
Some bands are involved, some are not and in most instances the bands will have no idea what the clip will look like. If everyone’s happy, the clip might become the band's official video and the filmmakers rocketed to international creative stardom! (or something like that).

Sponsor With Rev – Ethically
Rev is a year-round event that embraces online screenings, the film fest itself, Australian Revelations, XR:WA, Revelation Academic, WA Screen Culture Awards and much more. We’re also not-for-profit, so we depend almost completely on the relationships we have with government and corporate partners. If you want to reach our diverse audience through our high-impact, high-quality activities and materials, we’d love to hear from you. It means active year-round coverage, national reach and with community-focused programmes that deliver real outputs for the community. Contact us if you want to join the family.

Survey Time
It’s time for our annual survey and we’d love to hear your thoughts on what we’re doing with the film fest, Australian Revelations, XR:WA, REVonDEMAND and the WA Screen Culture Awards. We’ve got a lot going on and a lot of people participating in all activities in one way or another, so we’d love to hear from you about what you like, what you don’t, what you’re coming to and what you’d like to come to! It’s been a monster of a year in many ways, so in a changing media and cultural environment, your opinion is the one that counts. All you need is a couple of minutes.



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