His Dark Materials S2 Trailer

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'His Dark Materials' S2 lands November 2020. 'His Dark Materials' S2 lands November 2020. Source: YouTube

"The fate of many worlds may rest on you," teases the trailer to BBC-HBO series 'His Dark Materials' second season.

After the epic cliffhanger ending that saw Mrs Coulter and the Magisterium battle King Iorek and his polar bears, before Lord Asriel's dastardly move to murder Roger (and his daemon) to open the Multiverse bridge (in his maddening quest for the mysterious substance called Dust), S2 sees Lyra, Pan and Will (who's from a fictional version of our world) finally join forces (in Cittagazze?) in their hunt for Asriel.

Witches will play a bigger role this season too as they look to unite ahead of "the Great War"; but it's also obvious Mrs Coulter (and her cruel monkey daemon) is still playing the serpentine, slithering from one hideous deed to the next.

But with the fate of both the living – and the dead – in their hands, will Lyra and Will uncover the dangerous secrets that threaten both of their home worlds in time.

Oh, and the pursuit of some knife seems to be kinda important that pops up mid-trailer. Spicy!

The second series is set to premiere in November 2020 and consist of seven episodes.

The ensemble cast features Dafne Keen ('Logan') as Lyra; Ruth Wilson ('Mrs Wilson', 'The Affair') as Mrs Coulter; James McAvoy (Professor X, 'Split') as Lord Asriel; and Amir Wilson ('The Secret Garden', 'The Letter For The King') as Will.

'His Dark Materials' is based on the award-winning trilogy of the same name by Sir Philip Pullman spanning numerous universes.



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