Reel Life: WA Film Industry News July 2024

'Hundreds Of Beavers'
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Catch up on WA film industry goings-on, thanks to the folks at Revelation Perth International Film Festival.

Revelation Perth International Film Festival
Book your tickets now before they sell out! Taking place from 3–14 July, this year’s Revelation Perth International Film Festival presents more than 30 feature films and documentaries in a captivating programme that promises to deliver unforgettable moments and thought-provoking narratives that will resonate with audiences long after credits roll.

International feature films span genres from absurdism and avant-garde cinema to dark humour, including highlights such as Yorgos Lanthimos' 'Kinds Of Kindness;' 'Hundreds Of Beavers'; 'Sasquatch Sunset' and 'The Visitor' from legendary director Bruce La Bruce.

Australian features offer fresh perspectives on human relationships and societal norms including 'Birdeater'; 'Stubbornly Here' and 'The Lies We Tell Ourselves' which is part mockumentary, part experimental film, part comedy, and follows a director as they try and complete a new art house film. The film, about the film, is the film, and the making of the film. This is the epitome of smart, funny, self-aware cinema.

TheLies WeTellOurselves
'The Lies We Tell Ourselves'

Indie comedies, poignant dramas and coming of age narratives further enrich the festival experience with standouts like 'Lousy Carter'; 'Power Alley'; 'Head'; 'We Were' and 'Kid Snow' –which was shot in Perth and Kalgoorlie, and stars Billy Howle as a washed-up Irish boxer in the sweat-drenched world of 1970s tent boxing and officially opens the Festival on Wednesday 3 July.

Fantasy and horror aficionados are in for a treat with 'Primevals', a combination of ‘50s creature features and ‘70s Saturday matinee TV that was shot in 1994 by renowned stop-motion animator David Allen and remained unfinished until only recently, and 'Tenement', an unexpected horror movie telling the story of Japanese-Cambodian manga artist Soriya.

Rev also presents a curated selection of retrospective screenings including cult classics like 'Kids', 'Lake Mungo', 'Your Sister’s Sister' and a special 50th anniversary screening of 'The Parallax View'.

Local creatives are celebrated via 'In The Trenches', a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the epic indie 'Before Dawn'; 'Pencilheads – Safari So Good' which is aimed at children aged 3-5 years and 'The Epic Of Gilgamesh' which follows the beloved Perth band Injured Ninja taking avant-garde doom rave energy to the outback.

Music aficionados will revel in this year’s documentary offerings, specifically: 'Born Innocent: The Red Kross'; 'I Should Have Been Dead Years Ago'; 'Mogwai: If The Stars Had A Sound' and 'Green: The Fight For Rock And Roll' a local feature documentary about Wayne Green – rock singer who teetered on the brink of fame not once, but three times throughout his career and is attempting a new project that represents his life’s work as a septuagenarian.

Kid Snow
'Kid Snow'

Rev also welcomes the return of the International Family Animation Explosion; a specially curated collection of family friendly international short animations from all corners of the globe and 'The Earth Above', a full dome planetarium experience at Scitech. . . And in partnership with the WA Museum Boola Bardip, Rev presents screenings of timeless classics 'First Men In The Moon' (1964) and '2001: A Space Odyssey' (1968), tickets to which include entry To the Moon exhibition.

Of course, Rev offers free professional development opportunities which are second to none in quality and scope, and deal with everything from working with intimacy on set to the state of production, distribution and exhibition in Australia.

. . . And then there are all the short films. There are over 130 of those. . .

Our Memberships are now open and if you want to get that little bit of extra Rev loving, why would you wait? As a Member of the Revelation Film Festival, you are entitled to amazing discounts and benefits, both during the festival and throughout the year. In addition, you are supporting our efforts to provide the community with a quality independent screen culture.

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