One Night Only: How To Talk Australians

How To Talk Australians
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Popular parody web series 'How To Talk Australians' is hitting the big screen for one night only.

HowSpeakAusWith an uncanny ability to laugh at ourselves the series has picked up an avid following of fans, and has reached almost 2 million views on YouTube. Set in an Indian call centre training college, the eight episode comedy series pokes fun at Australian vernacular and culture using an assembly of Indian teachers who eagerly dissect our national identity through re-enactments, lectures and impersonations of famous Australians.

Gracing the big screen at Cinema Nova in Carlton for one night only, fans will get to watch each episode back-to-back. Followed by an exclusive Q&A with director Tony Rogers, writer Rob Hibbert, editor Tim Parrington and producer Jason Byrne, punters will have the opportunity to pick the brains behind the satirical series.

'How To Talk Australians' will play at Cinema Nova in Carlton on Thursday 25th September.

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