Melbourne Women In Film Festival 2023 Programme

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The annual Melbourne Women In Film Festival (MWFF) is back for 2023, with a programme including Freshly Squeezed Shorts, Next Gen Shorts, and Reel Shorts.

Through the theme Connections, MWFF will explore creative collaborations and community through a dynamic programme for its seventh year, at ACMI.

As part of the festival, Patricia Cornelius’ award-winning drama ‘SH.T’ starring Peta Brady, Sarah Ward and Nicci Wilks will make its Australian premiere. It’s a psychological drama unfolding over one long night of incarceration in a bleak holding cell. Billy, Bobby and Sam reveal stories of a lifetime of violence, abuse, and institutionalisation. Directed by Susie Dee and produced by Trudy Hellier.

Documentaries get the spotlight in Reel Shorts, a collection of captivating and uplifting docos delving into true stories from Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand, and the wider Moana. Highlights from the Reel Shorts programme include ‘More Than Cute’ directed/produced/written by Joshinder K Chaggar, ‘Aloha Soul Food’ directed and written by Lani Cupchoy, and ‘My Uterus Is Trying To Kill Me’ from Emily Michelle Ellers and Hannah Louise Ranger.

The next generation of film talent is also put on display, through the Next Gen Shorts programme. This particular offering showcases the creativity and talent of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand’s up and coming filmmakers.

The diverse programme of Next Gen Shorts illustrates that the future of women’s and gender diverse filmmaking looks bright.

Shit MWFF 2023

Some of the highlights from this include ‘Before We’re Gone’ directed and written by Taihra Swaine and produced by Alzbeta Rekosh, and ‘Through Fault’ directed and written by Emily Brown and co-produced by Frankie Hopkins and Patrick Mantynen.

The Freshly Squeezed Shorts programme showcases the latest and best short films and web series which explore diverse stories of human connection. . . Dystopian futures, hopeful romantics, unlikely friendships, and more.

A highlight includes ‘Sparkles’ directed by Jacqueline Pelczer, produced by Cody Greenwood, and written by/starring/co-produced by Tina Fielding.

Bookending MWFF are Jub Clerc’s ‘Sweet As’ on opening night, and ‘Kāinga’ from Kerry Warkia and Kiel McNaughton on closing night.

Throughout the remainder of MWFF are screenings, special events, panels, workshops, and education programmes too.

Melbourne Women In Film Festival is on from 23-27 February at ACMI.

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