Korean Film Festival In Australia 2021 Programme

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The Korean Film Festival In Australia (KOFFIA) returns to cinemas in 2021, celebrating 60 years of diplomatic relations between Australia and South Korea.

The KOFFIA programme features 22 of the finest films from Korea’s world-class film industry. It showcases Korean culture through film, from haunting arthouse dramas, heart-pumping action, animations, thrillers and more.

“Korea has always had one of the best filmmaking industries in the world, and with films like ‘Parasite’ and ‘Minari’ taking the western world by storm in recent years, we’re seeing a growing appreciation for the incredible artistry of Korean cinema,” KOFFIA Programmer Francis Lee says.

“KOFFIA provides an opportunity for Australian audiences to discover cutting-edge filmmaking by some of Korea’s greatest cinematic storytellers.”

Drama offerings throughout the festival include ‘Minari’, a family’s heartfelt experience of moving from Los Angeles to Arkansas to start a farm in the ‘80s; ‘Paper Flower’ following the life of an old mortician, his unwell son and a new family moving in next door; ‘I Don’t Fire Myself’ highlighting the discriminatory and dark side of a modern capitalist society; and ‘Kids Are Fine’, following three nine-year-olds setting out on a daring journey to find one of their ailing mothers.

Meanwhile, in the documentary department, ‘The Wandering Chef’ sees celebrity chef IM Jiho travelling the Korean Peninsula in search of authentic and unique ingredients with medicinal properties.

Collectors KoreanFF

‘Red Shoes And The Seven Dwarfs’ is a parody of ‘Snow White’, perfect for family, with a strong message of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’.

Action-packed with fight scenes is ‘The Swordsman’, set in the 17th century during a time when ruling dynasties in Korea and China were in significant transition.

‘More Than Family’ follows university student To-il, who gets pregnant while dating her 19-year-old tutoring student and embarks on a journey to find her biological father.

Things get a bit thrilling in ‘Recalled’, where a woman wakes up and learns that she’s lost her memory, and begins to experience hallucinations that she feels portend future murderous events.

Fun-filled adventure film ‘Collectors’ is a heist film documenting the journey of a team of grave robbers, set out to claim an ancient king’s treasure.

Korean Film Festival In Australia 2021 Tour Dates

2-6 September – Palace Electric Cinema (Canberra)
16-19 September – Elizabeth Picture Theatre (Brisbane)
16-23 September – ACMI (Melbourne)
14-23 October – Event Cinemas George Street (Sydney)

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