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L-R: Oppenheimer, Skinamarink, Barbie
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Another year is wrapping up – and it was a year once again filled with some fantastic creative output from filmmakers, directors, producers and actors around the world who entertained us in cinemas and in our homes.

A few of our film buff contributors/reviewers share their favourite films of 2023.

Lloyd Marken

1. ‘Oppenheimer’ – ‘Oppenheimer’ is a riveting tale of how great individuals forever changed the plight of our species and how they remain fragile and human with their time to affect change passing like any other. Christopher Nolan has produced his most mature and best work yet.

2. ‘Riceboy Sleeps’
3. ‘Goodbye Julia’
4. ‘Air’
5. ‘Barbie’

Kylie Thompson

1. ‘Barbie’ – I really didn’t think this would make my list of best movies, let alone score the crown, because I’m really not a fan of pink or hyper-femininity. But despite my initial concerns, ‘Barbie’ is rife with sarcasm, cutting social commentary, and provides an unexpectedly compassionate conversation about toxic masculinity in men (even those unafraid of dance routines). It was funny, kind, thought-provoking, and surprisingly beautifully-crafted cinema that had me going back to the cinema for rewatches.

2. ‘Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse’
3. ‘The Meg 2’
4. ‘The Marvels’
5. ‘Godzilla Minus One’

Timothy Byrnes

1. ‘Skinamarink’ – A low-budget art house horror film where two kids get trapped in their house and not a lot happens. While that may sound unappealing, this film conjures strong feelings of dread with very little, taking me back to being a kid too afraid of the dark to get up and pee in the middle of the night.

2. ‘Barbie’
3. ‘Fallen Leaves’
4. ‘Smoke Sauna Sisterhood’
5. ‘The Royal Hotel’

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