Bad Boys: Ride Or Die Film Review

'Bad Boys: Ride Or Die'
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'Bad Boys: Ride Or Die', the fourth instalment in the 'Bad Boys' franchise, brings back Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, once again fighting the good fight.

'Ride Or Die' follows the path worn by the previous instalments, blending high-octane action and humour, with the chemistry of its leads. While some the humour may now be wearing thin, preview audiences were laughing out loud at all the right places.

This time, Lowrey and Burnett set out on a mission to clear the name of their former captain, uncovering deep-seated corruption within the Miami Police Department. While the plot has holes the detectives themselves could drive one of their fancy cars through, it’s a fun ride.

There is a nod to the now advancing age of the main actors, but the decades haven’t slowed them down at all. Terrible dye jobs aside, the action is still as wild and impressive as the first 'Bad Boys' which launched the franchise almost 20 years ago. Gen X and older millennials are the audience for some jokes – which Gen Z would understand a joke about 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'?! – but the in-jokes are secondary to the action.

Seeing the rest of the series isn’t a prerequisite to enjoying the movie, although it will help. Backstories of secondary characters and relationships aren’t explained, but audiences will get the gist easily enough. The role of women in the story also could have been modernised – they’re either fawning wives, pregnant or in need of rescue with only one exception, played by Vanessa Hudgens.

There are also a few gags about race dynamics, with our heroes stealing clothes from hillbillies which then highlights their cultural silos. A massive, abandoned albino alligator called Duke also makes an appearance, which could be another racism metaphor.

'Bad Boys: Ride Or Die' is a fun, escapist thrill.

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