New HBO Doco-Series 'The Vow' Explores The Mysterious US Self-Improvement Cult NXIVM

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'The Vow' premieres on Foxtel from 20 September, 2020. 'The Vow' premieres on Foxtel from 20 September, 2020. Source: YouTube

Given remarkable access to insiders and former members, 'The Vow' is a new, nine-part HBO Documentary Series from Emmy®-winning and Academy Award-nominated Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer focused on the controversial US self-improvement group, NXIVM.

Founded by Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman in 1998, NXIVM's membership soon grew into the thousands with accomplished executives, Hollywood stars, wealthy heirs and the children of political dynasties among the congregation.

The genesis of 'The Vow' began in 2017 when media reports first began surfacing about a secret sorority within NXIVM and allegations of sex trafficking and racketeering conspiracy.

Noujaim had a personal connection to NXIVM having attended the Executive Success Programs, NXIVM's flagship seminar, in 2010 and had explored making a film about the experience at the time.

When NXIVM members began to defect almost a decade later, Noujaim reconnected with some of the NXIVM people she'd meet in 2010 and with Amer began filming not knowing where the story would lead.

The trailer begins with a voice over by Keith Raniere: "I have a vision of what it could be like to be a human. To experience connection, compassion, love."

Given Raniere is currently awaiting sentencing (late October 2020) for being convicted of US federal crimes – including sex trafficking of children, conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit forced labour – that's more than a little creepy, but makes for compelling viewing.

'The Vow' premieres on Foxtel 20 September (8.30pm EST) with new episodes airing every Sunday, to stream on Foxtel or watch on Fox Showcase.



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