New Aussie Gothic Miniseries, 'Lambs Of God' Premieres Next Month

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'Lambs Of God' premieres on Foxtel 21 July. 'Lambs Of God' premieres on Foxtel 21 July.

Foxtel Original Drama miniseries, 'Lambs Of God' is the epic and fantastical tale of faith, love and redemption that will premiere next month.

The four episode drama, based on the Australian best-selling novel by veteran writer Marele Day, centres around three nuns (each a generation apart) living in a secluded monastery and forgotten mostly by the rest of the world. Until an ambitious young priest arrives on a mission from the Church.

With lavish cinematography, dazzling locations, brilliant script and an all-star cast, 'Lambs Of God' is an enthralling tale of two worlds colliding.

"'Lambs Of God' is a magnificent addition to our strong and diverse local drama line-up," Executive Producer and Foxtel’s Head of Drama, Penny Win says.

"Lingo [Pictures] has assembled an incredible cast and creative team who have delivered a world-class series that is unlike anything else on Australian television."

The series features Emmy Award-winning actress Ann Dowd ('The Handmaid's Tale', 'The Leftovers'), Australia’s much-loved stage and screen star Essie Davis ('Game Of Thrones', 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries'), UK actress Jessica Barden and Australian actor Sam Reid ('The Railway Main'), along with Kate Mulvany, Daniel Henshall, Damon Herriman, John Bell, and Sigrid Thornton.

"It's complicated and interesting and I'm very proud to be in it," Sam Reid, who stars as the ambitious young priest Father Ignatius, says.

Ann Dowd who stars as Sister Margarita, the oldest of the three sisters, says: "I'll never forget it for as long as I live. It was quite an extraordinary experience."

Shot on location in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales south coast and Tasmania, 'Lambs Of God' beautifully showcases the natural beauty of Australia's east coast.

The series was recently screened at an official competition Series Mania in France, drawing praise from audiences and critics. One reviewer described it as 'the best series of the official competition'.

'Lambs Of God' premieres on Foxtel 21 July.



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