New Aussie Comedy Web Series 'Fracketty Frack' Offers A Satirical Look At The Issues Surrounding Fracking

'Fracketty Frack: It's The Frackpocalypse' is available from 12 June, 2021. 'Fracketty Frack: It's The Frackpocalypse' is available from 12 June, 2021.

A new Australian satirical comedy web series (with a sci-fi twist), 'Fracketty Frack: It's The Frackpocalypse' will be released this Friday (12 June).

The eight-part series (available on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram TV), which was filmed entirely in the Northern Territory with an all-Territory cast, comes from young NT director Nathaniel Kelly ('We're Family Now' and 'After Tracy') who alongside producer Philip Tarl Denson will release 'Fracketty Frack' independently thanks to funding secured from Screen Australia.

"'Fracketty Frack' is my attempt at making light of the fracking controversy that's hit the Northern Territory recently," Kelly says.

"It sets out to be informative and thought provoking but just as things get complicated, it pulls the audience out and hurls them in a completely different direction.

"It's spawned from the idea that things have gotten so out of hand, it's as if aliens have been in control."

'Fracketty Frack' follows a bumbling, foolish politician who has second thoughts about green-lighting a controversial mining technique. He teams up with an earnest conspiracy-nut and his activist niece to uncover the truth behind fracking and its possible extra-terrestrial origins.

The cast features Phil O’Brien, Andrew King, Haylee Elise Wright, Gail Evans and Yoris Wilson.

'Fracketty Frack: It's The Frackpocalypse' is available from 12 June.



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