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'Johnny English Strikes Again' is in cinemas now. 'Johnny English Strikes Again' is in cinemas now.

Rowan Atkinson strikes again in the third instalment of the 'Johnny English' enterprise.

After a nationwide cyber attack, the United Kingdom Prime Minister (Emma Thompson) is forced to recruit a series of ex-MI6 Secret Agents, after the attack reveals the identities of the entire MI6 force. And much to her dismay, one of these recruits is our much-loved, accident-prone Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson). What unravels is the predictable, yet timeless entertainment that only Atkinson can bring to the screens, in a family-friendly 007 kind of way.

'Strikes Again' sees Johnny pulled from retirement, as he embarks on a drama-filled mission to stop complete digital take over. As he battles with being an agent in the modern era, he calls for his old, tried-and-tested weapons, much to the surprise of the tech-support at the MI6 headquarters. However, these prove surprisingly useful as Johnny, along with his beloved Bough (Ben Miller), attempt to be ‘undetectable’ throughout their mission.

Full of classic Atkinson humour, including dramatic waiter interruptions at the five-star restaurant and eccentric dance moves, as well as some new technological twists seeing him cause extraordinary chaos whilst wearing a virtual reality headset, it’s a great film for long-time Johnny English fans.

Don’t expect anything new and exciting, as this addition to the franchise follows the same formula as its predecessors. The movie has Rowan Atkinson written all over it, evidently due to his being featured and co-produced, so if his style of film isn’t your cup of tea (or should we say, martini), you’d be better off sticking with your tried and tested 007 movies. However, if you’re looking for something that will make you chuckle, and will be tame enough that you know the kids will enjoy too, this is the perfect school holiday movie.

'Johnny English Strikes Again' is in cinemas now.



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