John Birmingham's 'Axis Of Time' Trilogy Is Being Developed For The Small Screen By 'Occupation' Filmmaker Luke Sparke

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The 'Weapons Of Choice' TV series will be based on John Birmingham's 'Axis Of Time' trilogy. The 'Weapons Of Choice' TV series will be based on John Birmingham's 'Axis Of Time' trilogy.

'Occupation Rainfall' writer-director Luke Sparke is developing a new TV series based on best-selling author John Birmingham's 'Axis Of Time' trilogy.

Currently titled 'Weapons Of Choice', after the first book in Birmingham's trilogy, the series will explore the far-reaching effects of time, war, and the human condition.

The original trilogy is set during WWII and revolves around a technologically advanced naval task force from 2021 that's accidentally sent back in time – arriving in the middle of an American-led multinational armada in 1942.

"I am stoked to see Luke and his crew turn this favourite, much loved story into something new and madly exciting," Birmingham says, who also authored the classic novel 'He Died With A Felafel In His Hand'.

"His 'Occupation' films are enormous fun and his plans to blast 'Weapons Of Choice' onto the screen promise even more.

"More fun, more action, more head-spinning concepts and adventures. I've always had a movie of this series running somewhere in my head and reading his script, seeing the artwork, it was like it suddenly exploded all around me."

The pilot is a collaboration between Sparke (who'll act as executive producer and showrunner) and co-writer Jay Thames. Carly Imrie and Carmel Imrie will produce, alongside Trimax Media's Alan Glazier ('The Bank Job', 'Get Smart') and Zachary Garred ('Occupation Rainfall').

"When I read John's 'Weapons Of Choice' on its release back in 2004, I knew immediately it would make an amazing TV series," Luke says.

"That book and the subsequent trilogy became my 'Catcher In The Rye'. When I reached out to John with my ideas, I got to work developing the first season.

"Five years later, we have a series that is extremely relevant and timely with everything going on in the world. "There's never been a better time to look back on our history and see how far we have come, let alone throwing our current culture 80 years back in time and see the two worlds collide.

"This series is very dear to my heart and will be developed for the screen with loving care."

Sparke is currently courting interest from multiple networks, streamers and sales agents.



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