Japanese Film Festival Classics 2020 Programme

'Emotion' 'Emotion'

The 24th Japanese Film Festival will celebrate the subversive in a free Classics programme called 'Provocation And Disruption: Radical Japanese Filmmaking From The 1960s To The 2000s'.

The programme will visit cinemas in Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney.

From revolutionary Japanese New Wave cinema to psychedelic expressions and gritty cyberpunk, there's boundary-shattering masterpieces from Seijun Suzuki, Shinya Tsukamoto, Nobuhiko Obayashi and more.

"From the visually audacious to the sonically shocking, the 2020 Classics programme is a celebration of the visionary filmmakers that transcended the cultural conventions of their times and redefined the paradigms of Japanese cinema," Japanese Film Festival Programmer Simonne Goran says.

MindGame JapFilmFestClassic
'Mind Game'

Highlights include Shinya Tsukamoto's 'Tetsuo: The Iron Man', a horrific story of revenge exploring the relationship between humanity and technology; and Nobuhiko Obayahi's 'House', an experimental horror about six school girls' deadly visit to a supernatural mansion.

Others include 'Pistol Opera' and 'Mind Game', 'Funeral Parade Of Roses', 'Eros + Massacre', 'Diary Of A Shinjuku Thief' and 'Emotion'.

This Classics programme is part of the annual Japanese Film Festival. It is free for admission.

View more about the programme here.

Japanese Film Festival Classics Dates

5-6 December – National Film & Sound Archive (Canberra)
8-27 January – Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery Of Modern Art (Brisbane)
2 February-3 March – Art Gallery Of NSW (Sydney)



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