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'Invasion Planet Earth' 'Invasion Planet Earth'

When settling in for a low-budget sci-fi film, your criteria for enjoyment shifts.

You’re not looking for Oscar-winning performances, cutting-edge CGI, or poignant dialogue. Instead, you want cheesy one-liners, cringey acting, ridiculous plotlines, and plenty of explosions. I’m happy to report that 'Invasion Planet Earth' delivers on all fronts.

The moment you press play, you know you’re in for a brilliant B-Grade escapade. The opening credits are woven in with those of 'Kaleidoscope Man', a cheesy ‘70s sci-fi TV show our hero is obsessed with. With this simple trick, writer, director and editor Simon Cox makes it abundantly clear that his film is not to be taken too seriously.

The hero of 'Invasion Planet Earth', Doctor Thomas Dunn, has a newly pregnant wife, a life comprised entirely of familiar film tropes, and a looming battle for the survival of humanity to contend with. I won’t give away the plot because who wants spoilers from a review? What you want is to get a feel for whether you’re going to vibe with a film.

With that in mind, here’s what I will tell you: From its melodramatic explosion montages to its complex spaceships that can be defeated by panic-throwing rocks at them, 'Invasion Planet Earth' is bound to inspire some belly laughs. It’ll also hit you with a surprisingly decent twist ending, complete with an over-the-top monologue from its doctor-hero protagonist.

If 2020 has left you craving a bit of ridiculous fun (think 'Sharknado', 'Battlestar Galactica', and old-school 'Doctor Who'), 'Invasion Planet Earth' will hit the spot.

'Invasion Planet Earth' is streaming now on iTunes.



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