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'Honest Thief' 'Honest Thief'

Action veteran Liam Neeson (the 'Taken' franchise, 'Non-Stop') makes an explosive return to the screen in the new film ‘Honest Thief’.

The second feature film from Director (and Writer) Mark Williams (‘A Family Man’), ‘Honest Thief’ expertly combines the excitement of action films with a heart-warming tale of redemption and love to create a surprisingly thrilling story which is sure to entertain.

Liam stars as Tom Carter, a notorious bank robber who is betrayed when he attempts to turn himself in to the FBI. Hell-bent on revenge, Tom sets out to punish those who wronged him and prove that, when it comes to love, no one steals his second chance.

A stalwart of the genre, Liam shows no signs of slowing down as he shoots, crashes and fights his way through the film; handling the action sequences with ease to deliver yet another imposing performance. Yet under Tom’s façade of danger lies a man motivated to right the wrongs of his past and Liam balances the two extremes of his character perfectly, delivering an emotional performance which will have you cheering wholeheartedly for Tom. Kate Walsh is equally enjoyable as Tom’s sweet-natured yet gutsy girlfriend Annie and the pair’s natural chemistry adds a sense of authenticity to their on-screen relationship. Australian actor Jai Courtney delivers an intimidating performance as Agent Nivens; while Jeffrey Donovan, Anthony Ramos and Robert Patrick star as Agents Meyers, Hall and Baker.

Although classified primarily as an action film, the heavy emphasis on the emotional and romantic relationship between Tom and Annie means ‘Honest Thief’ unfolds at a much slower pace than traditional action films and while this was unexpected it was no less enjoyable.

Writer/Director Mark Williams hold the audience’s interest with a well-crafted script that keeps the tension mounting until the film’s final moments. Each carefully-choreographed action scene is intense without being gratuitous or over-stylised and often the subtly implied threat of violence was just as entertaining as the full-blown action sequences.

Strong performances from the talented cast make it easy to love (or in some cases hate) the emotionally complex characters and the result is a refreshingly entertaining film which raises your heart rate while tugging at your heartstrings.



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