HBO Max's Reboot Of 'Gossip Girl' Drops Saucy, Seductive Trailer

'Gossip Girl' premieres on Binge 8 July. 'Gossip Girl' premieres on Binge 8 July.

"Privilege and power will always win in the end."

Welcome to HBO Max's reboot of 'Gossip Girl' where the lives of a group of rich, elite New York school kids clash as they chase influence and status through a loyal social following.

"Did you miss me? I know I've missed you," coos the alluring voice of Gossip Girl – a role that Kristen Bell is reprising from the original series – who is now on Instagram.

The trailer hints at plenty of romantic hook-ups, threesomes, queer relationships, and plenty more drama to hold a teenager's attention for a long minute.

"Our group of friends have know each other since we were babies. We have trust and history. We own this school," declares the trailer's voice-over.

'Gossip Girl' stars Jordan Alexander ('Sacred Lies'), Eli Brown ('Wrath Of Man'), Thomas Doherty ('Descendants'), Tavi Gevinson ('Neo Yokio'), Emily Alyn Lind ('Doctor Sleep'), Evan Mock, Zion Moreno, Whitney Peak and Savannah Lee Smith.

'Gossip Girl' premieres on Binge 8 July.



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