Gold Coast Film Festival Closing Night – Bosch & Rockit Film Review

'Bosch & Rockit' 'Bosch & Rockit'

Set in the late 1990s and filmed at iconic Byron Bay, ‘Bosch & Rockit’ is a compelling story told through the eyes of a teenage boy that explores the journey through boyhood and manhood, and the powerful bond between a father and son.

Starring Luke Hemsworth, Rasmus King, Isabel Lucas and Leeanna Walsman, ‘Bosch & Rockit’ follows the story of a young father Bosch (Luke) who hits the road in a hurry to avoid a run in with the law. In tow is his 13-year-old son Rockit (Rasmus), who believes he is on a magical holiday with his father.

Speaking on the red carpet ahead of the Queensland premiere at this year's Gold Coast Film Festival, Luke said, “I can’t wait for people to see it. It is a beautiful film, it is Australian content and it’s original. It was such a blessing to come back and shoot it and I’m so proud of the film it has become. The response so far has been amazing.”

Written, produced and directed by Australian filmmaker Tyler Atkins, ‘Bosch & Rockit’ premiered to the world at Sydney Film Festival in 2021, and won the coveted Grand Jury Award for Best Picture at the Mammoth Film Festival earlier this year.

Billed as a raw and unapologetic exploration of unconscious parenting and the deeper themes of love, forgiveness, and relationships, the film is deeply personal for Tyler, on whose life it is based.

“The film is really about parenting, the repercussions of unconscious parenting, and forgiveness,” Tyler said of his debut feature film from the red carpet. “It’s powerful, especially in these times and the things that we can hold on to. When you actually forgive grudges you hold on people, you’re so much lighter. So I’m very excited to show the world what we made.”

Carried by a soundtrack including songs by David Bowie and Dragon, and music by Australia-born, LA-based singer, RY X, ‘Bosch & Rockit’ balances light and shade masterfully. Laconic Australian humour offers welcome relief to the many tumultuous, emotionally heavy scenes, as too the interspersed, exquisitely filmed oceanic shots, which not only convey Rockit’s escapism, but also proved a soothing balm for this viewer.

Talent wise, Luke’s raw, solid portrayal of single father Bosch who is giving his all trying to protect his son is easily the grittiest performance I’ve seen by a Hemsworth. And although Leeanna’s role as Rockit’s alcoholic, absent mum Elizabeth is small, her scenes were by far the most confronting and jarring for this real-life single mother.

It is however Byron Bay-born Rasmus’ performance as Rockit, a young boy struggling to come to terms with the hand he has been dealt, that bowled me over. One of Australia’s top up-and-coming surfers and an accomplished skater, musician and model, the 17-year-old can without a doubt add bona fide actor to his cap, with his delivery of innocence lost, anguish, bewilderment and self-blame flying in the face of ‘Bosch & Rockit’ being his acting debut.

Overflowing with Aussie humour, surf culture, crime, coming-of-age themes and familiar faces, ‘Bosch & Rockit’ has all the hallmarks of becoming a beloved home-grown film.



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