First Watch: 'Ascendant' Trailer

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'Ascendant' arrives in Australian cinemas from 8 April, 2021. 'Ascendant' arrives in Australian cinemas from 8 April, 2021.

A tense, psychological thriller that also traverses supernatural themes, 'Ascendant' is a white-knuckle ride inside a high-speed elevator in a 120-storey building in Shanghai.

Filmed in Sydney during the pandemic, 'Ascendant' stars Australian actress Charlotte Best (Annie Campbell from 'Home & Away', Netflix's 'Tidelands') as Aria Wolf, a young environmentalist who is kidnapped and awakens alone and inside the aforementioned elevator.

With no memory of her past and with her captors pushing her physical (not to mention emotional) limits to beyond breaking point – "Aria Wolf, your father is no longer of use to us, you have something we want!" – Aria begins to realise she has special powers hidden inside her that have been kept a secret to protect her and those she loves.

But with the clock ticking and her kidnappers becoming more irrational, Aria must unlock these powers if she is to escape and save her father in the process.

The cast also includes Jonny Pasvolsky ('Picnic At Hanging Rock', 'Westworld') and Susan Prior ('The Rover', 'Glitch').

'Ascendant' arrives nationally in cinemas from 8 April.



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