First Look: New Aussie Series 'Love Me' Releases Trailer

'Love Me' will screen on Binge and Foxtel from 26 December. 'Love Me' will screen on Binge and Foxtel from 26 December.

Set to drop the complete season on Boxing Day, 'Love Me' is a new six-part Australian romantic series that follows the Mathiesons – Clara (late 30s), Glen (60s) and Aaron (early 20s) – after an unexpected event changes their lives forever.

In a time when conflict, antagonism and antipathy devour our daily newsfeeds, 'Love Me' reminds us that we are all as inadequate and remarkable as each other.

The 'Love Me' cast features Bojana Novakovic ('I, Tonya', 'Birds Of Prey') as Clara, Hugo Weaving ('The Matrix', 'The Lord Of The Rings') as her doting father Glen, and little brother Aaron played by William Lodder ('Wakefield').

As she nears 40, Clare's own fears of pursuing a successful career at the detriment of nurturing her own family come to the fore. While Glen navigates newfound romance in his older age facing his own anguish along the way.

Then there's Aaron stumbling through life's challenges while he comes to terms with his own identity.

The ensemble cast also includes Bob Morley ('The 100'), Heather Mitchell ('The Unusual Suspects', 'Upright'), Sarah Peirse ('The Hobbit'), Celia Pacquola ('Rosehaven'), Shalom Brune-Franklin ('Cursed'), and Mitzi Ruhlmann ('The Code').

The show's opening theme is a cover of Foreigner's classic 'I Want to Know What Love Is' performed by Julia Stone.

"Julia has done an incredible job of reimagining a classic love song, whilst adding her own modern sound," Alison Hurbert-Burns, Executive Director BINGE, says.

"The song captures the heart of what 'Love Me' is about, a series which explores what it means to love and be loved, with all the fears and hopes that love can bring."

'Love Me' will screen on Binge and Foxtel from 26 December.



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